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Happy October peeps! Time passes so fast and we just left 2 months and 30 days till 2014 ends. What have you guys been doing? What have you archive in pass 9 months? Haha, real serious question right. But if you guys have something that you have been wanted or wanted to do. Continue to work hard and archive your dream. What I love about year end is where teacher can finally rest and go holidays! I been save my anual leave and wanted to use it all at once. wait for me HOLIDAY!

Coffee Amo have been real famous these days you can saw it from Instagram post. Coffee Amo is really quite noticeable among the old building at Jalan Sultan. Because their shop is quite new and cafe is a place that many young adults love to hang out at. Coffee Amo is upstairs they have a really sky blue signboard on the stair. When we went in the cafe, the place already have many customer. We stay there for around 2 hours and it was full house. I mean full house until we have to leave since we finish our drinks and cake already.

The cafe interior design I really love it, and I thought of maybe we can shoot some photos here as well. But too bad, the crowd really non stop. Coffee Amo also famous with their 3D latte art. If you search many review about Coffee Amo, you can see many 3D art work by their barista. When you saw these cute 3D latte art, how would you drink because they are just so CUTE! 

Rum Raisin Cheesecake. This cake is highly recommended when you are at Coffee Amo. The cheese is really tasty and reach the fullness of it. The rum raisin on the other side, was really a good combination. I taste wine in the rum raisin as well. The taste was really strong and when you eat it the taste of the cheese and rum raisin actually balance out the taste. ` 

Rum Raisin Cheese Cake and my Sunglasses.

Peppermint Chocolate Latte. We ordered two drinks and this 3D latte art is really cute! Love the cute bear eye and the emotion =D Please bear with me because I will post many photos of this 3D latte art.

The close look even cuter.

We sitting infront of their window, love the sunlight and the greeny plants. Looks really relaxing and super got feel.

I prefer this drink than the other because the peppermint chocolate is blend with the latte. Is not too sweet nor bitter. You can still taste the fragrance of the coffee when you drink it.

Ocean 11 - Tangerine Flavoured Coffee. Our second drink comes with a cute kitty 3D latte art. 

The drinks is still taste nice. The tangerine flavor is really strong and not my cup of coffee taste.

Both of our drinks.

The lighting is really nice and bright.

LED board? haha Looks really modern but vintage.

Coffee Beans. Coffee Amo has this hand pour specialty coffee as well. If you are a coffee lover, you can just order and enjoy your afternoon tea break with their special hand pour coffee.

The photo on the wall is really nice taken.

Their wall is mainly just black and white. Behind the door was washroom, since there are no signboard of toilet, its brings some imagination by the drawing outside.

Furniture was nicely polished and choosen by the owner. Their main color, will be close to nature brown and red color since their wall is black and white.

Vintage lamp.

I love this window corner. Although the view is just a old wall and building. But I love the sunlight shine through and the peacefulness when you enjoy the sun and the small plants. Coffe Amo doesn't have music play out in the cafe. But all you heard is the crowds chit chating around and some just drop by for a relaxing afternoon tea. Coffee nowadays is not just attract by its smell and quality but the appearance of it. The 3D latte art now is really famous among the young people. But Coffee Amo is not just about that but the passion and love from the barista and the coffee maker to the customer.

Coffee Amo
First Floor, 54, Jalan Sultan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 2857 2677
Hours: 10am – 9pm

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