Hi peeps, gonna blog about super excited offer and deal that you can just easily get by getting worthy book. Worthy book is s a food guide + voucher booklet that gives you RM '000s worth of meal discounts, deals and even freebies at some of Malaysia’s most popular F&B eateries – ideal for your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones!

I finally got 1 copy of worthy book FnB Edition 2014-2015 on hand. I am so excited and can't wait to try all the good food in this new edition worthy book. Wonder where to get it this awesome book deal, I will let you guys know by the end of my post. I have written a short post of introduction of Worthy book, you can read it in my previous post here.

Last weekends, we went Times Square for some shopping and movie. As I am growing older, I still love shop at Times Square because you can shop pretty and cheap clothes here. But not every girl nowadays still can accept and shopping here. When I am back here, I notice they are many Malays shopping here and some of the boutiques actually sells all the Malays long dress and skirt already. I was like seriously.......

But I still love to shop some of the boutique here and hope to really shop all the way. Maybe with friends next time.

Kim Gary @ Worthy Book FnB Edition

Some of the voucher you can use in Kim Gary. 1 set Rocky Ying Yang, 1 set of Free meal of the month x 2 and 1 pcs of Kim Gary Membership Card. Each voucher is applicable use for 1 time receipt only.

Behind the voucher is their Terms and Condition of using thus voucher.

Fold and then you start to tear off the voucher. There have the dotted line you can follow to fold and tear off.

We choose voucher of FREE 1 set meal of the month. This was it!

Can't guess what is this?

In the month of November, Kim Gary serve fried OREO. This was so cute and new, because we got the chance to taste their set meal of the month. 

Inside was the Oreo. At first when I ask the waiter, I can't clearly what he say the order. But when the set meal is here, I guess inside was like OREO. Turns out it is really were Oreo, haha! The taste of Oreo is still remain sweet and nice. Love this snack of them.

My Mushroom and Chicken rice that I order later.

My baby order Cheese Baked rice with seafood.

Since I am here at Times Square. Let you guys see the Christmas decoration at Times Square.

They have this biggest Christmas Tree Replica and was certified by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Christmas Band.

Can't take my eyes off from these Christmas Lego Santa lego with the reindeer. Why so cute~~~ 

I was really happy and enjoy the meal at Kim Gary. Not only I can order the dish that both of us like but we can enjoy more Free set meal of the month from Kim Gary with the voucher from Worthy Book FnB Edition. We still left 3 voucher of Kim Gary voucher to use. Although we have not been to Kim Gary for long but when you still come back and the feeling was different. We gonna use another 1 FREE Set Meal to try their set meal. We are really exciting and keep think what's is their next set meal will be? 

Don't forget this FnB Edition is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected myNEWS.com outlets in KL and Selangor. 

Worthy Book

Till Then.

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