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Hola, peeeoople! Gonna blog some super hit cafe these few days, will be this MAGNUM CAFE! I went here by coincidentally because last weekend. I was deciding on the Winter essential look and we can't decide on where we should have the shooting. Ended up we were at The Gardens because that was the mall that will be less crowded and easy for shooting. 

Just out of sudden during our dinner time, I asked about the Magnum Cafe because saw my facebook friend was posting photos about this cafe. My babe say this cafe is just located at Mid Valley. I was so excited and decided to visit the cafe after our dinner.

Magnum Cafe. Is their first outlet of Magnum Cafe is Malaysia. They have been open this cafe at other country, such as Indonesia.

What's so special about this Magnum Cafe? One of the famous is the Made My Magnum. You can choose your own 3 topping, drizzle and the flavor of your ice-cream! 

Wearing My Aztec Cardigan and selfie with the Gold Clock Design of Magnum.

In case you guys not notice, there were 2 floors of the cafe. If you guys know that the 3rd floor, Mid Valley have been under renovation and you can shop many new shops there too! Magnum Cafe happen to be on the 2 floor of this 3rd floor. So be sure to check their second floor too if the line is too long on the first floor.

Couple selfie as we are lining up for our ice-cream.

Toppings!! They have many lovely toppings for you to choose, golden nuggets as the crispy rice cracker, almond crush, crush oreo, marshmallow, black currant pastilles and more!

After the topping, they will ask you to choose the ice-cream flavour, Vanilla or Brownie?

I choose Brownie as I am Chocolate lover. The small metal shaker is their topping shaker to mix the toppings together.

Here my video about the procedure of making our own Magnum Ice-cream.

After the coating and the drizzling, Ta dang our Magnum Ice-Cream. 

The most left side is Fruity Loops, middle is Made my-Magnum, right side is Black forest.

They are some of the flavor they already set in the menu. Its depends on you to whether follow their recipe or you just create your one and only Magnum Ice-cream. The price was RM9.90 each and tax excluded.

Me and my own magnum Ice-cream.

Interior design is really classic and elegant. They emphasis some of the Magnum Ice cream model and modify with their own special design.

Love this!

All collage by Magnum own Ice-cream stick. At first didn't realise the ice-cream stick just thought of what an artistic piece! When you look closer and you'll notice Magnum Ice Cream Stick on top.

I wonder is the Queue is always so long. Because Magnum Cafe is still fresh new opened at Mid Valley and only launched on the 14th of November. Many people are here for the Magnum Ice-cream, you know Malaysian love to show off and kia su people, hahaha! 

They design some really cool and nice design on the Magnum ice-cream.

Can I bring one home because it was way to PRETTY and SHINY!~~

Remember to follow the steps!

Lastly, end my post with this looking delicious Magnum recipe! They not only serve ice-cream but as a Cafe, they serve some food like spaghetti and some of the Magnum specialties. I am really happy because can try their Magnum Ice-cream and be the last lucky customer on that day. Since we are here, we just have a try of their ice-cream. I wish to try their other dishes serve at Magnum Cafe. Hope you guys enjoy my post and my video! Till then.

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  1. so niceee! when they wanna open one in penang! TT

    Henry Tan

    1. haha, not sure! wait someone buy the franchise, they gonna open at Putrajaya soon too!

    2. hi, may i know how to get franchise ?

  2. wow! nice! will visit when I go down to KL :)