Yoohoo, blog about some really nice foodie again. Most of us should have heard before Miss Ellie Tea House, you can easily search online and I saw Miss Ellie Tea House up on the Time Out Magazine too! I never thought of Miss Ellie Tea House is just near my house area and I finally space out my weekend free time to come here. 

Miss Ellie Tea House is located at Taman Melawati area and not many people were aware of that Wangsa Maju have this really unique tea house. But the crowds is not joking because it was full house and packed with customer. It is recommend that you can call to ask whether there are empty tables to be served. But lucky us, we are still early and we got 1 table seats for 2.

Miss Ellie Tea House.

Space is limited, make you call to Miss Ellie Tea House before you are here.

Yummy Cakes and muffin.

A vintage bookshelf.

Miss Ellie.

Every corner of Miss Ellie Tea house was nicely decorated with vintage English British style. I love the interior design a lot. With all the vintage Europe deco and all the English tea-pot. The owner really put a lot of effort of designing the place.

Many families love to bring their families here and mostly the seats are always full.

Found out that Miss Ellie House have recently just create their new menu and that's include some of the heavy dish suitable for lunch. As usual when I saw they do served mushroom soup, it a must for me then!

Roast Mushroom Soup RM8.50 

Their Tea Smoke Salmon Salad RM15.50.

I been craving for salmon sashimi for whole week and finally get to try their salmon salad. I totally love the slice of salmon, super fresh Norwegian Salmon and their citrus miso dressing is really appetizing! It just blend well with their smoke salmon.

Really thin slice salmon. 

Chamomile flower tea.

Served in yellow teapot that same color with the flower. Super cute!

Spaghetti Pesto Basilica RM13.50

One of their spaghetti set, super healthy and delicious! Miss Ellie Tea House Spaghetti - Methtriciana, is made with a roasted red pepper and tomato cream sauce, drizzled with a balsamic reduction, and then topped with fresh, sauteed zucchini. A really unique and fresh taste as a spaghetti dish.

Lavender flower tea. A really refreshing drink and gives us an aroma of calmness when you drink it.

Glass water.

Scones! It is highly recommended when you at Miss Ellie Tea House. Because here can try the best scones at Kuala Lumpur. My boy told me that scones is like a combination of bread and cake. 

Pair of Scones RM10.50. There are 4 flavors of scones available, plain, oat, chocolate and raisin. We choose 1 chocolate as I am a chocolate lover and raisin.

Although the size is small but is quite full filling when you ate few piece of it.

The sauce is a must eat it with the scones. Babe say is a bit dry, for me the chocolate it is but the raisin scones is really tasty and the filling is really soft and smooth. Love it!

Saw this really pretty and elegant table lamp when we decide to leave the place. I really every piece of deco at Miss Ellie Tea. The deco is really princess style and English style. Hope to back here to enjoy the princess moment here at Miss Ellie Tea House. Till Then.

Miss Ellie Tea House
7 Jalan H3,Taman Melawati
Melawati, Malaysia
+6  03 4162 0113
*Miss Ellie Teahouse is a Pork Free Establishment.
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 7pm

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