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Hi peeps, hows your weekend spend? I am still working on weekends and keep thinking when can I stop working on weekends. Because have not been to church lately because of working. I work almost every week now and feel really exhausted. I still have 1 more weekend left to go and really hope time passes fast. 

Have some sweet dinner time on our monthsary 18th of November. I know I have not been posting about our monthsary post but due to my busy schedule we didn't went to any special dining place. Finally school holidays start, and we manage to celebrate our 29 months of goodness together! Can't wait for the next month 30th month together.

We went Empire Damansara for our little celebration for our monthsary. Tous Les Jours at Empire Damansara finally opened and the parking fee have to pay start from November 3rd.

Besides Tous Les Jours at WOLO, Bukit Bintang serve dine in food. You can order your food and dine in here too! They serve breakfast and some other food too.

Their bread is still looking attracting and delicious!

Elegant cupboard.

Christmas Tree for a white Christmas.

You can easily saw Kim Soo Hyun face here at Tous Les Jours.

They are 2 separates shop at Empire Damansara. Both is opened for customer. At first we thought the opposite is other shop but turns out is Tous Les Jours too! 

This place provide sofa seats, and more chilling and relaxing place for customer.

Huge Chandelier.

Comfy seats.

Is real bread on the bread tray.

You will see big Poster of Doo Min Jun outside the wall of Tous Les Jours. Any fan of him? Come drop by at Tous Les Jours at Empire Damansara.

We order some light dish before our dinner at Empire Damansara. Mushroom Soup RM 8.90 A bit creamy and salty for me.

Tous Les Jours Egg Benedict RM9.90 with Turkey Ham. The Ham was fry evenly and really nice. Egg for cook until half boil and the sauce was just right!

Rank was 7/10
I always love their dessert since I have try their dessert before this time we order some of their other main dish. Hope can improve more on the taste, salty mushroom soup, haha! The environment you can choose to have more privacy or more friendly space to chat and relax. You can always see Kim Soo Hyun face at Tous Les Jour Empire Damansara too. Till Then.

Tous Les Jours
Heritage Lane, Unit 13A
Empire Damansara

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