Morning my fellow readers, is been a long time since I update any beauty post because I was really with work. Since I am having holiday now, I can actually post many post that I keep postpone. Candy Skin has come out with a new Velvet Matte Lipstick during a few months back.

You can imagine how long I been postponed this post. I keep wanted to post about it but really no time to do it. I bought 2 of it, one is for my mum and one is for me. I didn't get to show you guys the color I bought for my mummy since she haven't start use yet. I choose a slight dark and orange for my mummy  La Pâquerette 雏菊 and for myself I wanted to try some bright and sexy lipstick color I choose L'aubépine 山楂花 .

I will show you guys the L'aubépine 山楂花 velvet lipstick color I choose for myself.

Velvet Matte Lipstick have total 12 shades of color. From light color to dark color, You can choose and try out the color you wish to try or wanted to try. I bet it will never disappoint you!

Color is really bright and more to bright pink color. When I apply this color, the look just stand out because the color is so vibrant and young color.

L'aubépine 山楂花 RM49.90 A bright coral color with a slight purple undertone. It is a playful color that will make you a cheerful girl. I admit I saw the purple word, then I decide to go for this color xD. But hey. I still wanted to looking a bright and sexy lipstick color myself too.

Can't tell you guys how much I love their color. Gives me more energize and young look! My baby boy loves this L'aubépine 山楂花 color too. He told me the lipstick color definitely makes me look sexier. You guys can see how this Velvet Matte color looks like with my OOTD shoot here.

One of my favorite shoot of the day. Feel boring with the black and white outfit? Try accessories your look with bright lipstick or any other accessories.

From Right to Left, First swatches to Third Swatches.

Besides the color that I fall in love with it, the appearance as well. 

The cover and the design looks super classy and elegant!

The flower art design is in 3D, you can feel it when you touch. I love this design, girlish and yet vintage design.

The small Black Gem hanging on this Velvet Matte Lipstick. With the super vintage and artistry design and add on with this vintage and elegant black gem. The whole design already capture many girls heart!

Beside the lipstick you bought, they give a mini lipstick as well! You can share or give this mini lipstick to your friends or your loves ones.

Overall, The Candy Skin product never fail to impressed me. I love their make up product so much. Their packaging is so pretty and the owner really made a lot of effort in it. Their product is really nice to use and many girls will definitely love their product. Because their product is so effective and friendly user. The price is affordable too!

The Candy Skin



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