Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is just around the corner. How you guys will be celebrate in this festive season? With friends?family? Since I am a Christians Christmas have been a meaningful festive season to me. I loves present, Christmas tree, Christmas Carol and Jesus! I will be busy with church activities and exchange gifts. I actually love it a lot! This special festive season actually brings me joy and love.

Not to say I still have some post haven't write yet. With all the busy schedule I can't believe that school holidays is going to end soon. Like previous year, I still love to visit mall and see all their Christmas Decoration. The first mall I'm gonna visit and blog about is 1 Utama!

This year theme will be the Animal Woodland Wonderland theme.

They uses the animal cute cardboard and design the whole center court.

Weee...just how cute they look like.

Rabbit and Otter!

Their own Christmas tree with the board and cute color paper leaf.

The animal is having a music orchestra.

Penguin is here to join the fun!

Reindeer is here too.

Small Christmas tree.

What does the fox play? haha

Some of the Christmas Deco of the shop.

Happy girl to photo with the beautiful background.

And this super cute otter.

Hey baby, I know you hate this photo. But hey that's what keep our memory in this wonderful Christmas in 1 Utama. Since he is one Otter lover, so we have this super funny and cute selfie with the otter on the deco. Hope you guys enjoy this wonderful festive season with your loves one. Till Then.



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