Hi my fellow readers, just got the news that whole Malaysia starting school will be on the 12th of January. So we still have 1 more week of holiday till school starts. It was like half a good news and half a bad news for me. Since I know I have not rest enough due the trips and Christmas event, with the 1 more week holiday I can sit back and relax at home. But I still need to go to school for deco and some paperwork too. Still I have 1 more week till I meet with my students again! The bad part was my work schedule will surely be the rush one, since we have postpone 1 week before the school starts.

Pray hard for all of these disaster. The missing flight AirAsia Flight QZ8501 and the floods among the country. We know that God has protected our country for the 5 years without any big disaster. But this year with all these disaster, the prophecy became true. We will continue to pray for Malaysians for God protection for us and bless Malaysia!

Gonna have some short update what I do during Christmas eve at Mid Valley.

With my new camera Sony A5100 I can have photoshooting anytime I want.

With my dearest love.

Our annual Christmas Shoot. It was really funny when he will start mention to me, we will do it when we are marry, with 1 kids, 2 kids and when we are growing old. We shoot just remain this sweet action we done almost 3 years ahead when we are together.

Some of the shoots I definitely love it. This year Mid Valley theme come with Fairy Tale theme with all the cute animals and fantasy animal and plants.

Purple Butterfly.

Long time didn't wear my lens, act cute pose.

I simply love my outfit with all the Tartan checker just like the Christmas theme. It was quite short for me already hence I am wearing black thick stocking with my new black boots. 


Santa Meet and Greet session.

The Christmas tree ornament was all about flowers, leaves, butterflies and some Christmas ornmanets.

You will notice there are many huge and pretty fake flowers on the Christmas Tree.

The top was quite thick because it cover my shoulder and neck part, is the most warm part for me. Suitable to wear in aircond area.

While I look back the outfit, I should have wear my black singlet rather than this white singlet. My new black boots. 

Huge mushroom.

Awkward pose.

My #sharonootd for Christmas Eve

Red Tartan Checker Cape from Twmall(Daigou65)
White Long singlet from Novela
Thick Stocking
Black Boots from SingxFashion

Till Then.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!!



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