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Saturday, December 27, 2014 in ,
Hi peeps, its really been a busy weekend for me because of Christmas! But everyday was a bless and happy day for me. I was busy with my church event after travelling back from Bangkok. The event was a blast and end with an enjoyable night of blessing too! Although most of us didn't get to rest well and fully committed  in this event. But all the good works does pay off! 

I think we are definitely so #YOLO we didn't rest much and we went straight to Melacca on 25th midnight. I can't believe how our body can stand all these craziness that we been nearly slept late all these nights. Thanks God for all his blessing and we are able to back to KL and continue to serve tomorrow Sunday! I am gonna finish this post before I dozed of.

This year Pavilion Christmas Decorations can say the most grand I ever see.

All these big tree Christmas tress welcoming us at their front door.

Christmas present under Christmas tree!

Santa Claus and children are here too! Although the moving figure is a bit weird la, but I still love it.

Not forget to selfie with my dear pam.

Behind of the decorations.

The lighting and big red ribbon is really grand and big in design.

Not to forget we get to see these amazing handmade by all the recycle plastic spoons and tyre.

The huge Santa Claus lighting in the middle of the center court.

All cover with all the Christmas light.

Closer look of this cute Santa Claus Light.

The crowds are really crowded during weekends!

The most ugly snowman figure I ever seen. No~~~~~ What's with the false and long eyelashes!!

We got Santa Claus with his Santa cart with presents.

A really tiny Ferris wheel for kids by Maybank booth.

Saw this cute polar bear too!

Love their design of this polar bear and the present.

End my Christmas post with the cutest Christmas I ever saw! Sanrio Christmas tree at Tokyo Street. I really hope I can write more post before 2014 going to end soon. Work is going to start and I seriously felt that I have not enough rest. We just got less than 1 week time to rest and it's time to back to work. Feel totally a blessing and busy month. I am really happy because in this 2014 year I enjoy many good things in life, achieve some of my dreams, and a continue love life with my loves one!! Praise the Lord for all the good things in my life. 



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  1. merry christmas, i was there during the christmas eve~ so close yet so far, lol~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

    1. I spend my eve at Mid Valley, I went to Pavilion on last few weekends! haha
      Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  2. lol really YOLO! you really enjoy your life to the max! =D
    i love that polar bear too! hehe

    Best Egg Benedict in Penang!!