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Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is just around the corner and have you decide on your Christmas Dinner with your family or your loved ones? If you scare of traffic jams during this festive season, or afraid the restaurant might be fully booked too. Afraid not, because with Food Panda you will not face all these problem! 

What is Food Panda?

[Foodpanda] is an online food delivery service that makes it easy for customers to order food from the best restaurants in Malaysia and get it delivered at their home. With more than 500 restaurants to choose from, Foodpanda makes food delivery in Malaysia faster, easier and more convenient. Customers can order food from popular international chains.

The cuisine list on foodpanda is quite tempting too. Customers can order wide range of cuisines like Sushi, Indian food, Malay, Middle Eastern Food or western food. Thirst-quenching beverages can also be ordered from famous places like Chatime, Starbucks and Denise Wines. Ordering fast food at home has never been this easy. Order from Burger Kaw Kaw or Papa John's, it'll be delivered in no time. Got back home late from work? Many restaurants like Cubes Pizza provides food delivery in Malaysia after 11 pm.

Sound so tempting right? You can order when you are at home or even office too! Wanted to know how you can make order and let your food deliver to your house in no time?

Before you start, FoodPanda is not only available online but you can even download the FoodPanda app into your smart phone too! So I am gonna blog about an easy guide and steps to order FoodPanda through their app. You can just click a few click ahead on your FoodPanda app and you can order food online through smart phones!

Choose the country you're at and the language you want.

Foodpanda need to know your location so that they can recommend restaurants around your area. Don't forget to turn on your location on our smart phones before you start to search.

Can't find any restaurants you like or too many restaurants to choose? Try filter it and make your searching easier and faster!

Every restaurant is listed down, with their cuisine, Minimum of order, Delivery Fee and time.

 I guess most of us find sushi delivery is one of a kind, haha! So I decide to order Sushi as well, luckily Sakae Sushi is just near my house.

You can choose to have Sushi Set, Bento Set or even their Chinmi too!

After you have choose your food, you can + 1 in the Quantity and Add to Basket.

When you are back to the Page your chosen set, you will saw the food picture was cover with green and a white tick on top. Beside you click into the set to order, you can slightly slide side and you will see the Add to Basket shortcut beside. Oh ya, you can see your basket on the top of your right hand side and select it if you are done with your order.

Please check the deliver time and the delivery fee before you proceed to Checkout.

You can create an account to ensure your order and faster your order process.

They have 2 payment method, 1 is Cash on Delivery and Online Payment. Remember to Tick on the box for their terms and conditions. Final click will be Place Order!

Hola! You will get your yummy sushi/food in just 60 minutes!

Some other settings you may found on the Foodpanda App.

After 60 minutes.....

Please welcome my Sushi from Sakae Sushi deliver by Foodpanda!!

Even provide wasabi, sauce and maicha too!

Finally I can have one delicious sushi meal at home with my family without heading out, stuck in jam at night, lining up for seats at night, finding parking at the mall. How convenient was that! By just a few clicks on Foodpanda app you can enjoy sumptuous dinner at home! I really enjoy and happy that Foodpanda have such a fast and quick deliver in time. Food is well prepared in the Tupperware and without spilling out! I hope you guys can enjoy ordering food using Foodpanda app and even ordering online! It was such a great joy while waiting for the food and when the food was arrived. 


Where to download Foodpanda App on mobile?

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    1. yeah, driving motorcycle panda.. even you can saw them available outside country too! I saw some Taiwan blogger blog about it too!