Hello my fellow readers, I been invite to an event last week. A special invitation to an evening of Dining, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness on the 25th of November.

In this special event, we get to see a showcase of apparels from PUR Jeans, alternative &amp, new age health tips from Genesis Holistic Spa and witness the magical herbal properties of Alqvimia from Spain. Besides that, we get to know some skin products such as, ISKIN, Lip Addict, ILash, Ihair and Ibrow. It is my honor to know more all these product and be a part of this event. 

We have Genesis Holistic Spa, M2 World Brands and Eliya Studios here with us in this wonderful evening,

We have a light dinner before the events. We have Fan Yong from Iskin to give an opening speech about all these product and objective of this event.

All the Alqvimia Essential Oil from Spain.

Each body part have the secret code and you can easily detects whats symptom you have in your body.

Before they find a suitable oil for you to use, they will test a Kinesilogy test by trying to break your 2 finger chain and decide which Alqvimia oil suitable for you. Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s well being. 

Genesis Holistic Spa led the way to a new holistic approach to wellness for day spas by incorporating energy healing modalities, alternative therapies and other wellness regimes with spa therapies. They offers an array of treatments and services that suits the different individuals using Alqvimia Essential Oil from Spain.

ALQVIMIA creates 100% natural products that holistically treat and care for the body, mind and spirit that have made ALQVIMIA the favourite brand of natural beauty connoisseurs and most demanding women.

Genesis Holistic Spa


All the Iskin Product range. I really love the packaging of their product, glassy and elegant. They even have the color of blue, yellow and pink but is natural coloring and not harmful to skin. It was easy to just fall in love with these soft lightcolor.

They have few range of sun block too, Tinted Sun Block is for coverage on skin with SPF and another is mainly Sun Block with SPF only. 

ISkin New York is a leading provider of premium skincare programs that deal with various skin issues through the process of cell renewal; that is to say, product lines that initiate a chain reaction of cell rebirth from deep into the skin. Even more impressive, they also offer products that contain specialized peptides—chains of amino acids that perform specific functions like anti-aging and skin lightening agents. These specialized peptides allow everyone to enjoy the brand’s benefits for longer periods of time and without subjecting themselves to harmful chemicals.”


Lip Addict product under Iskin New York.

They have 12 color of lip addict. The color of lip addict is quite light and more to natural lip color. The color with more obvious when you apply on your lips. We get to try one of the color and I choose 206 Pink Princess. You can really feel the cooling on your lip and start to SEXIER with the effect lip addict can create!

You could have younger, sexier and plumped lips like Hollywood Stars because by using Lip addict you can prevent anti-aging, have more volume and moisturizing lips, heals your dry and chapped lips hence enhances the results of lip injection procedures in 2- 4 weeks time! The lips they using in their leaflet looks really alluring.

Besides Lip Addict, they have IBrow, IHair and ILash product as well. Since we can only choose 1 product and I choose Lip Addict. ILash give you the most natural way of growing your eyelashes by being the fastest acting and most powerful eyelash conditioner.

Eiliya Studio offers a range of trendy , chic & modest but also comfortable and affordable muslimah clothing. They know it well that modern Muslimah women wants to dress modestly, without having to sacrifice style and beauty. They pride themselves on creating Islamic attire that is modern, fashionable and versatile.

Eiliya Boutique

Did you guys saw the Burberry Tag of the jeans? Looking tempting right~

M2Brands sells a variety of end-season and pre-owned luxury branded apparel at discounted prices. Top notch quality of jeans and hand pick by many designers.

M2 World of Brands

Guest Signature before we went in.

Love this 3D Butterfly Painting.

Romantic Dinner Light.

Sofas for the VIP.

Dinner time!

Love the interior design and the light. Turns out the photo we took is under light because the interior light is quite dim. I was really happy and grateful to have this opportunity to join this event. I get to meet with many new blogger friends and expose to all these wonderful products. Thanks again for the invite to this event, having so much fun and fellowship with all the bloggers.

Flora Terrace Cafe
Jalan Mayang Sari,
Off Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

25th November 2014(Tuesday)
Dinner at 6:00pm
Event starts at 8pm till 9:15pm

Till Then.
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