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Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf @ Tropicana City Mall

Hey guys, I am back for more food post after 5 days getaway to Bangkok. Can't wait to show you guys the photos I took in Bangkok. I will try to arrange and start perhaps before school start. 

Ever since I buy Worthy Book FnB edition 2014/2015, I can always flip this book and look for yummy food whenever I went to a mall. With Worthy Book I can always enjoy yummy food with free deals and discounts!! How great was that! If you wish to buy this awesome book edition you can simply look at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in KL and Selangor.  

The 4 special deals you can get if you dine in at Three Little Pigs with Worthy Book.

Special dish to order if you one of the fan of Pork Steak.

This part of the dining area is more to quiet and dining space.  Dimmer and softer light.

Another side is more bright design, suitable for breakfast and lunch dine in time.

Since Christmas is around the corner every restaurant is designed by all the Christmas Decorations.


Yummy cakes for dessert!

Milk Shakes, Coffees and liquors are available to order on their cute little blackboard.

Story Board about Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf story.

Such a cute drawing! I love it~~

Since we have 4 voucher to be used and each voucher can used in a single receipt. We choose one FREE Carrot Bacon Soup (RM14) with every order of Mighty Piggy Burger.

I can't believe how delicious this soup was. A really full carrot soup and the bacon was nicely cook with it. One thing that bother me is that this Carrot Soup doesn't taste like one, haha!

Mighty Piggy Burger RM28 I was surprise by this burger. The pork patty was so juicy and full filling. It was nicely grill and so thick in shape. With fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, herb mayo, served with house salad and fries. 

Yummy and juicy pork patty! Its just so addicting when you have all these yummy and the mayo was so appetizing!

Roast Pork Fried Rice RM22 Baby boy dish but he say taste normal and nothing special. But fried rice is always my favorite, haha! Will surely back to Three Little Pigs & Big Bad for more. Because wanted to try their specialty pork dish for dinner too!

Our full filling dish of the day with a warm and delicious soup thanks to Worthy Book.

With the help of Worthy Book FnB Edition I can enjoy FREE soup at Three Little Pigs! That's just not it, they have total of 180 food vouchers in this book. Worthy Book FnB edition features 44 brands of restaurants and F&B franchises in Malaysia. So you can enjoy the total 180 food vouchers in total of 44 brands of restaurants and F&B franchise too! Does it sound tempting enough to own this wonderful book of deals.  If you wish to buy this awesome book edition you can simply look at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in KL and Selangor.  Till Then.

Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf

Lot G35, Ground Floor,
Tropicana City Mall, PJ

Worthy Book


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