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Hi peeps, weekend is here again how are you going to spend your weekend again? I still have a lot of restaurant and cafe haven't been before. I am really grateful that with this FnB Edition Worthy Book I have more choices to choose and dine!

After working life started, I am back to my busy working life. Weekend is still my relax and chill time. During this time, we will surely went to cafe hopping and shopping. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you could hear Chinese New Year song in most of the shopping mall already. 

Ninja Joe is available in FnB Edition Worthy Book. We always have difficulties to choose which voucher to choose, haha. This time we choose the Buy any must try burger ( ala Carte ) 50% off for the second burger.

Ninja Joe serve burger without Msg, 100% Quality Assured and freshly made on time. 

My Ala Carte Hokaidon Burger RM 15.90

The patty was really appetizing and slightly spicy but it was quite juicy and thick for me. 

Since we got 1 ala carte burger and the 2nd burger we order a burger set RM2.90 with choices of fries, onion rings or shurikens.

Hikori BBQ Bacon Burger set RM12.90+2.90. Inside was Bacon Slice, Tomato, pickles, BBQ sauce. The sauce really appetize. I love the bacon and it was my favorite!

The Shurikens is so cute! Is a ninja weapon use to attack enemies, I wouldn't dare to eat because it was too cute. It was pork nuggets with mashed potatoes and sliced onions.

Our set drink.

Menu on the LCD board at the cashier.

Open area dining place.

If you are looking for delicious PORK burger try Ninja Joe!

Love their quote of Ninja Joe. If you want to photo with ninja, you can download their apps in your handphone.

Ninja cute Icon head, hehe. Super nerdy look

Some of their premium selection of taste.

Drop by at Ninja Joe for more awesome pork burger to be served!

Overall I really like Ninja Joe Burger! Although I can't say that burger is enough or really full filling, but the taste and the recipe really stands out. If you wanted to try some nice and juicy pork burger, Ninja Joe always the first choice. 

Using voucher from worthy book, my ala carte burger is 50% off! So from RM34.70 I just need to pay RM26.80 only. Although is not much discount but if we save a little bit from 1 meal. You can continue save a lots when you keep using FnB Edition Worthy Book, that you can bought it from all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in KL and Selangor. Till Then.

Ninja Joe

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