Hi pretty~ A review post is up, this time is about Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner. This was a new brand of liquid eyeliner in Malaysia under Mee Cosmectic. This new brand is from Thailand but product is made in Korea.  It was a fast selling product in Thailand and Hong Kong. Now Mee Cosmetic is available at Malaysia!

This wonderful eyeliner has even won as CLEO Best Liquid Eyeliner 2014 Award. Is my honor to received this eyeliner and to share this Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner to you guys!

Packaging was a simple design with pink and black theme.

Thanks Essential Beauty House for the review and the product! I love it!

Design of the Eyeliner, is really simple black like the usual eyeliner and Gold color wording. Elegant and classy design. 

The Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner has very fine sharp tip and easy to use.

The first draw is already very dark and very thin line. I love it, it is really convenient because If the liquid eyeliner with the first draw is not dark enough, eventually the look of the eyeliner will fail.

After few line I draw, It is still so dark, I love it!

I will tried on a Water Smudge test on this eyeliner.

Surprisingly it was not water smudge and kinda easy to wipe off with water.

Half gone of the color.

I was shocked by the result of this eyeliner, it is very easy to draw and use. Is perfect for beginner to use too. You can first draw a thin line of the eyeliner and can continue on with more thicker eyeliner look as well.

Near look of my eyeliner.

What I love about this product?

The sharp tip and the line that this Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner. It was easy to use and the line is really precise and black. The eyeliner dry quickly, long-lasting for 24 hours and easy to remove with makeup remover as well.

Wanted to get this awesome eyeliner?
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Although is not smudge proof but I still love this product, because I always love liquid eyeliner. Suitable to use for lazy girl like me. It was long lasting and water proof as well.

Essential Beauty House



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  1. i haven't used an eye liner pen like this in a long long time!! the first one i ever tried dried out really fast so i was turned off. this looks like a great try though! i don't think they sell this brand in the U.S. :(

    1. Hi ticklemebear happy,

      We did ship to worldwide, you may visit our website at www.essentialbeautyhouse.com.my

      Thank You

  2. huh so easy remove? means not good right? haha
    sorry ar.. guys dont know this kind of stuff one.. haha

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