Hi peeps, I know I have been not blogging recently because of sick and busy day. I have been sick for a week, from sore throat, flu and cough. Body feel weak and just feel like doing nothing. But I will try update once I feel better, later I will doze off to sleep after my lunch. 

Today will blog about Tripda.

What is Tripda?

[Tripda] is an online peer to peer carpooling platform & community that connects drivers communicating with empty seats in their card and passengers heading the same way. Tripda is driven by the principles of the "sharing economy" where technology is utilized as an instrument to help people shared any excess capacity they have in terms of resources. 

The easy definition of Tripda Carpooling the safe, fun and sustainable way!

Thanks Isaac Tan for inviting me to their Tripda Bloggers Meet and Greet session on last few weekends.

Refreshment is available.

Isaac Tan (Community Manager of Creative Circle Malaysia)

Victor Ang ( Managing Director of Tripda)

We got 3 hand band from Tripda!

Blogger I meet during the event. Geozo and Tenshin!

Erica Ting (Marketing Director from Tripda)

Selfies with Mikayo Ito pretty Blogger.

and Rachell Ho.

Happy to be here with all the friendly and pretty blogger.

A really wonderful day and event with all the lovely bloggers, Isaac Tan, Victor and Erica who makes this session successful.

Me and the Tripda Banner. I had learnt a lot about Tripda in this meet and greet session. Here I will share some of the benefits, and How does Tripda works?

I believe many of you will wonder about the safety of car pooling? Or is it convenient? How much can a driver charge? How can we communicate? Can it be trusted?

How does Tripda works?

1. You must register using your FACEBOOK acount. In Tripda, They only have Facebook ONLY login for more effective follow up on issues and complaints. Users' contact details are kept private. Only when the driver confirms a booking will these details be provided to BOTH PARTIES of the ride, for ease of contact.

2. Choose whether you would like to FIND or OFFER a ride. LADIES-ONLY rides, to all the ladies out there, you can choose or find driver that are LADIES. Drivers & Passengers always have the right to choose who they'd like to carpool with.

3. Route and Setup your trip details or select the trip that is most convenient to you. You can choose the DATE, TIME and VENUE that you want. 

4. ENJOY your trip! With new friends from Tripda! Email and mobile verification will sent out after the confirmation about the ride.

5. Rate your trip buddy for reputation points! The user rating system and reviews about the others driver and passengers have given your potential carpool buddy previously which creates a powerful layer of trust and reliability within Tripda community.

Why Carpool?

1. It's a economical way to travel. Carpooling is a cheaper meaning of transportation for both drivers and passengers. Tripda helps you save money by getting where you want by saving the cost of bus, rail and short air transportation. 

-Tripda will calculate and recommends a fair price for a driver and driver are not allowed to profit from the ride as Tripda is only about sharing costs and never about the driver profiting or making a living from carpooling.

2. Social Benefits! It's will be a great way of meeting with new people with Tripda. Tripda lets you make new friends and turns your travel into a fun and social experience. Suitable for people who love making new friends and have it a fun way of travelling!

3.Environmental Benefits. By carpooling, the amount of vehicles and the traffic congestion in the city will reduce! Tripda helps reduce pollution and traffic jams. We have to fight for Global Warming and improve our air quality.

4. Cultural Benefits! Spread the goodness of carpooling to friends! Let people know that in Malaysia we are a culture of the sharing economy.


with Tripda and in conclusion Tripda is an economical and convenient way to travel that let's you meet new people while protecting the Earth and reducing traffic congestion!

Don't worry about Tripda is still new in Malaysia because Tripda was founded in Brazil in May 2014, Tripda has become a global platform available in 13 countries throughout Asia, North America, and Latin America, such as, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, US, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia.

Just try Tripda and have fun by just CARPOOLING with TRIPDA!!

Fore more details:

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