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Hi pees, another food post is here but please bear with me because been moody with some problem and I will then be less blogging already. But nevertheless, I still will update here as I  love to share and if you guys wanted to see more of my feeling or update. I started to Dayre things in my surrounding.

I really wish I could share more but it just doesn't feel right. But let's stop all the ranting before I start to be emotional again.

Padi House was located at Sri Petaling. We went here after the community work although we seem late but is not to late to show love to the community in need, right? haha

Chinese New Year Tanglung is up.

I love tortoise is so cute and with their heavy look.


Outer design.

Menu with the leather cover.

Chocolate Moist Cake RM8.80 
Nice and Chocolaty! The sponge cake layer was really soft and the creamy part was yummy!

Macademia Cheese Cake RM11.80

Our table full of cakes.

Classic Carrot Cake RM7.50
Interesting and refreshing taste of carrot cake.

Japanese Cheese Cake RM8.80
Too dry and I feel tasteless.

Almond Peach RM7.50
Sweet and appetizing!

Mascarpone Layer RM7.20
I love this cake most, the layer taste was yummy. I can't describe the taste but is just balance out the cake with Tiramisu topping and cream.

Red Velvet Frosting RM8+
Some of the cake actually dry out, meaning they keep for some time and it not fresh. Although we still enjoy it, but some of the cake really not recommended.

Frozen Yogurt Cheese Cake RM7.80
Yogurt + Cheese is a nice combo!

Oreo Cheese Cake RM7.80
I kinda like cake with really cheese layer, if compare to sponge cake or the cheese/ ice cream cake, I prefer cake with the second choice of the cake.

Green Tea Latte RM7.90
 I love the cookies with the Green Tea Latte! Not too sweet or creamy,

Ice latte perhaps?

Coffee as well.

Overall I love the environment at Padi House, It was very relaxing and you can enjoy your afternoon tea with cakes and coffee. The cosy environment is was like a resort house with the wood design. It's just feel great to be here and relax too!

Padi House Sri Petaling
29, Jalan Radin Bagus, 
Bandar Seri Petaling, 
Sri Petaling, 57000
03-8318 9368

Sun.-Thu. 11:00-01:00
Fri.-Sat. 11:00-02:00



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  1. oh my gosh! how dare you post this!! LOL. MY MOUTH IS WATERING SO BAD. everything looks so good!! O__O

  2. The decor is so cute. All the cakes look really yummy!