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First all, I have to thanks for the sponsor and the love from them. Is really my honor and joy to work together with them. Although I am not a famous blogger or what so ever, but I will try my best to Blog with my heart! 

It was my first blogged about my massage review post, I am really grateful and thankful at the same time because I have the chance to blog about it and hope you guys like my post! Recently just caught up with many things and the massage appointment just come in time.

Outside of Face Factors Clinic. It was really easy to find because their store is just facing the housing area behind Publika. Face Factors have open for the 4th year in 2015.

I have been lead into their Therapy room and I simply just love the scent and environment of the room. Super cosy and comfortable. They have total 9 essential oil for the relaxing and lymphatic massage. Their oil was special import from Switzerland and you cannot find it at Malaysia. The oil was made concentrated from herbs and flower. I really love the smell, it just simply make us feel relax and sleepy.

Specially 1 private for the massage. Get change and ready to be massage! Today my session will be doing their Swedish Lymphatic Massage at Face Factors Clinic.

What is Lymphatic Massage?
This treatment will assist the movement of fluid called Lymph. This fluid is part of the Lymphatic system of our body which aids the removal of waste products by increasing its circulation. This manual treatment will consist of a light massage with the pressure and direction of the movements working towards the Lymph nodes of the body.

Lymph Drainage massage is particularly beneficial for those who retain excess fluid and those who suffer from cellulite. Cellulite is fat cells and fluids trapped together with waste products. The blood circulation is restricted giving the area a ‘cool’ feel and it looks different to normal tissue as it dimpled in appearance.

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You can keep your jewelry inside this cute jewelry box.

If you need some beauty or wellness consultation. At Face Factors Clinic they have doctor specialize to consult and offer their help with what your need. 

Body Waxing and other beauty services.

Cosy sofa.

Pedicure and Medicure session is available too.

Products and services they offer.

Process of Massage
At first they scrub my body all the excess dirt and open up my pores for the massage. Different oil have different function. After the body scrub, they use a relaxing oil to massage my whole body. To open up the drainage in my body, I love how their massage through my head, stomach, hand and leg too. The oil is smells super nice and makes me feel relax. After opening my drainage, they start to massage and softening my fat molecule, that time was pain but I still can hold onto it. I can feel my fat are burning and blood circulation are really heating me up. 

They even do the slimming massage together, on my hips and legs as well. They also told me not every part of my body is able to slim down by exercise but only through Lymphatic Massage. They even know my body have many air inside my stomach, and help me to get rid of the excessive air out from my stomach as well. They told me I have to drink ginger tea, and maybe is because I always bath after exercise. They say because after exercise our skin pores is open, if we straight bath the pores will block by the cold water from bath. Your body have to wait at least 1 hour to cold down only you can take bath. 

I was like that's why, because since small I have used to bath right after I back home, no matter what I do outside. I guess I have to change this habit if I want to improve my body health. LOL

I have total 1 and half hour massage and 30 minutes detox in the hot blanket.

Thanks Jos(left) and Riky(right).

My Thoughts
Although this is not my first time doing lymphatic massage, but I definitely know the benefit of lymphatic massage to female. I really love their service, I got 2 friendly nurse help me to massage and they share many knowledge about this massage and I learn a lot through them as well. Through this lymphatic massage, I learn alot about my body weakness. I never joke ya, because I can really feels my hips, leg and stomach firmer. I really sleep well after the massage and my body feels lighter after the massage because detox out the toxin in my body. Feels great after the massage too.

They Provides other wellness and beauty services too such as waxing, hair removing. You can call or book your appointment at their websites. As they will serve you and provide their service.

 D3-G4-2, No.1, 
Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas, 
Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

03-6205 3508

Opening hours from 10am to 7pm.


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