Hi peeps, currently resting at home because feel like wanted to take a break from everything lar. But I will still be blogging here and finally for some time I start to blog about food. 

Is just last few weekend, was looking for cafe and just found this new cafe that just open few months ago @ Damansara Utama. We just went here because of its name POKC stands for People of Keng Chew. That quite keep us bother and we decided to go and understand what's the meaning of the word.

Yeah, we are here. 

You can easily spot their cafe as there are 3 floor and whole building was in BLACK. Their interior design is super super classy and elegant. You can saw many different style of their design in every corner.

Cakes and Coffees.

Cafe exterior.


Comfy seats and they have a corner of minty color. We just move to the seats because the environment was really relaxing and chilling.

POKC Enchanted Lamb Stew RM24.90

POKC Signature slow-cooked lamb shank stew with onions, carrots, potatoes and special spices. Served with choice of white bread or rice.

I choose bread over rice because I scare rice portion will be really full. But when the serving is here, I a bit shocked and say the portion is really big also. 

One of POKC signature dish. I always love to eat lamb, and their lamb shank was so fresh and the meat was so tender. The herbs cover up the offensive smell of mutton. The stew was cooked with slow fire and it really appetizing! 

The bread stick was quite thick and full, I just manage to ate up 4 of it and I was already full. When I eat it with the bread, the taste was a bit salty but when you just sip it straight actually the taste was just alright. I miss the tenderness of the lamb shank, super tasteful and hearty dish.

Cappuccino RM10 

My dish and My dear dish.

One of their Western-Hainanese Delight.

Tender Classic Koi RM18.90 Grilled Chicken Chop, Sweet Potatoes fries, and mixed vegetable with POKC's authentic sauce.

The chicken was grilled alright and still keep the chicken juicy and fresh too. The sauce is really appetizing as well, mix perfectly with the chicken.

Selfie with my Babycino RM8

I still don't know why I order this, finish it in just 1 sip, inside was milk and the outside foam was Milo foam.

Just above our table.

POKC stands for People of Keng Chew. The older Hainanese refer to themselves as Kheng Chew Nang, meaning "people of Kheng Chew", the old name for Hainan Island in China.

 When we are here and we look through their menu and realize that this was a Hainanese cafe theme. We were surprise by the interior design and the creativity that's make Hainanese food into a cafe. The design was really creative and modern. Hope that this cafe can continue to grow and many people can know about this cafe.

No.12, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama,
47400, Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7732 6080
Open daily except Tuesdays
11.30am to 10.30pm



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