Today I shall continue my Bangkok post Day 2 journey. After we went to Madame Tussauds for a Wax Journey. We decided to go for True Love Cafe, to see Husky Dog!! Since my baby boy also love dog, this is a place recommend to those dog lovers. 

I actually plan to go many Cafe at Bangkok. But due to the time and journey we plan, we have not enough time to visit many cafes. We decided to leave it for our next visit to Bangkok again. 

How to go to True Love Cafe?
Nearest BTS station is BTS Ari. If you ask me whether to walk or in a public transport, I prefer public transport. As the journey taking public transport is about 5 to 10 minutes to the cafe. You can always hop on the Cab at Ari Station. Take Exits 3 once you reach Ari Station. If you prefer taking a Tuk Tuk, you can walk further down to the alley Soi Ari Samphan 3. You will find there are many tuk tuk available. The fee will be around 40 - 50 baht.

When we are at Bangkok, it was around Christmas so you can see Christmas decoration. Be sure to check their opening hours, because they have open time session for customer.


Cakes and Desserts!!

Rules and Regulations. You are not allowed to wear your shoes inside when you are visiting and playing with the Husky. Hygiene is very important and everyone have to hygiene their hand first before went inside.

Washing My hand before go in.

I love to selfie with them!! The Husky are super super handsome and people can't stop taking theirs photos and selfie with them!

Our lovey photo with the most quiet and obedient Husky.

Handsome or not!! Don't feel shy ler

Time to have fun!


My baby keep want to take photo with it but the husky seems like beh song him. xD

They even have this cute little puppy, name Momo!

Don't so moody la bro!

Their eyes is so cute and innocent!!

Ice is their snack and they love it so much!!

Their outdoor playroom is cover with trees, to prevent from the sun direct to the Husky.

After the session, they will send all the husky back to their aircond house and we have to continue our dining at True Love Cafe.

Exterior of the sitting place.

The place is cover with open glass wall, you can see through outside view and don't worry indoor is with aircond.

Husky Soft Toys!

Interior of True Love Husky Cafe.

Strawberry Cheese Cake. 

Oreo Chocolate Cream Roll

They have 3 types of set available at True Love Cafe. 
1. The Dessert Set (Dessert + Drink) 275Baht + 10% Hygiene & Sanitation
2. The Full Set (Food + Dessert + Drink) 350Baht + 10% Hygiene & Sanitation
3. The Special Set (BBQ Spare Ribs + Dessert + Drink) 2390Baht + 10% Hygiene & Sanitation

Is a must to either choose 1 set because it is include with the play time with the husky too. The food is normal but normally everyone is here for the Husky! So if you guys plan to save money for other day trip, it is recommend to choose dessert set as it is cheaper compare to their lunch set.

Selfie at Tuk Tuk.

Don't worry about the transport to back to BTS Station, the owner is really a friendly and nice lady. She will call the Tuk Tuk service to drop by and fetch their customer. There are also few Tuk Tuk will wait outside but normally it will be full and ended with other customer. 

Hope you guys enjoy reading my post.

True Love Cafe
153 Paholyothin Soi Ari Samphan 2, 
Bangkok, Thailand 

Operating Hours: 
Tues-Thurs - 12.30pm-2.30pm / 3.30pm-5.30pm
Fri-Sun - 12.30pm-2.30pm / 3.30pm-5.30pm / 6.30pm-8.30pm
Facebook Page: Neverland Siberians

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Till Then.

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  1. oh my goodness! those dogs are so cute. i think i fell in love with momo :) and that husky is beautiful too!! and you look more gorgeous! :)
    have a great weekend.. xoxo

    1. Hi pretty! yeah, thanks for the comment!!
      have a great weekend to you too =D

  2. We've got two gorgeously handsome Huskies and are on holiday now in Bangkok!

    Visiting True Love Cafe today and your post was most helpful and informative!

    Thanks very much!


    P.S. I likewise have a blog site which you may want to visit! Cheers!

  3. such a fun place to visit, love the cafe.
    shall put in the wish list for next visit.

  4. Gosh! that Siberians so gorgeous! Met one during my Busan trip. OMG! that desserts look superb!

  5. wow all the husky sooooo cute... thank so much for lettin me know!

  6. The huskies look so pretty and handsome! Love their beautiful fur coat hehe. Heard that this place is quite popular for one to visit when in Bangkok.

  7. awww their pet cafe concept is slightly different from us. suitable for those animal lovers!

  8. Oh gosh, what a gorgeous place and it's in Bangkok??? I am soooooo going to go there the next time I am in Bangkok... huhuh

  9. Oh wow, seriously? This is such a good concept. You get to dine and take photos with these gorgeous huskies!

  10. such a cute cafe! i'm sure my cousin will fall in love with this cafe, as she's a big fan of Husky. too bad we won't be seeing this in Malaysia.

  11. Husky!! One of my favourite dog kind. Will pay a visit for my next Bangkok trip =)

  12. I love the uniqueness of cafes in Thailand. Its so lovely.

  13. Well should I admit myself is a weird person?
    I scare of dog but I love Husky pretty much.

  14. this will be a must-visit cafe for my BF lol. He loves husky very very much!

  15. Lovely cafes for little pet these days to enjoy their time and it looks so different.

  16. sweeeeet! lovely pets, they should do more pet cafes in Malaysia.

  17. I did not go to true lofe cafe when I at Bangkok but i manage to go to Dog Cafe at Siam Paragon area. It really fun when play with this dog.

  18. Husky is one of my favorite breeds! handsome dogs in your photos.

  19. So cute the husky, I want to selfie with them too :)

  20. Wow, nice and beautiful huskies. The other puppy looks cute too. I hope they are tame as well :p.

  21. OMG! I totally missed out this place when I was in Bangkok. Aiks, if I know this early sure go see liao...