Hi peeps, today gonna be a short food post. I bet everybody heard about Absolute Thai right? Is a Thai restaurant with many delicious thai food and Absolute Thai will be my first Thai Food Restaurant in Malaysia. 

I really enjoy myself dining at Absolute Thai. Thai Food always cooks in many herbs and spicy and it actually very appetizing. That's the reason I love Thai Food, spicy and appetizing! But I think the level of spiciness I only can have until 60-70% only, lol. Now Absolute Thai has opened their new branch just near my house. 

Absolute Thai at Wangsa Walk Mall.

Dim light and kinda romantic feel inside this restaurant.

Absolute Thai - hospitality with heart.

You can see some black and white photo hanging on the walls as decorations.


Love the vintage black and white decorations at Absolute Thai, Wangsa Walk Mall.


Pure Chamomile Tea RM 7

Smooth and scented tea. Best for after a spicy and oily meal.

Thai Iced Tea RM 9

Green Curry Chicken RM16.90 
One of their signature dish. A dish I will always order whenever I am at Absolute Thai. At first when we just started, this dish is really too spicy for us. But as you slowly eat it, the curry was very appetizing and its definitely open up our taste bud.

Crispy Squid served Thai Chili Sauce RM18.90
A bit dissappointed by the size of the dish, lol. But the taste is acceptable, crispy on the outer skin and fresh on the inside squid. The squid is chewy too!

Stir Fried Kangkung with Belacan/Garlic RM12.90
Surprisingly this Fried Kangkung was really yummy too! The fragrance of the garlic with the kangkung smell great too.

Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawns RM16.90 
One of their signature for single plate. 

Nicely presented.

Red Ruby Waterchesnuts in Coconut Milk Topped with Jackfruits RM7.90
My favorite dessert at Absolute Thai! The taste is not too sweet, but still brings out the frangrance of the coconut milk.

Sago Honeydew in Coconut Milk RM7.90
If you are to compare to the waterchesnut, this will not be recommended. Is just too sweet for the Sago and Honeydew.

Mango with Sticky Rice RM12.90 (seasonal)
The mango they served that day is kinda sour and sweet. For me I still miss Bangkok Sticky Rice with mango that is super yummy!!

Absolute Thai 
G-03A, Ground Floor,
Wangsa Walk Mall


* Price is before GST



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