Hi my fellow friends, today gonna blog about the event I attend last few weeks about appetime Malaysia celebrate their 2nd birthday in Haba Shop at Tokyo Street, Pavilion. I am very happy because get to be chosen by Lumi to join Appetime Malaysia Birthday Celebration! 

I always love to go to events like this. With food, goodies and can make new friends but the problem is I always face is I have no transport and it just make me hard to go events and join the fun. Sometime is not that we don't want to do, but there is always a situation that always stop you to do it.

appetime Born in 2000, appetime has released, from Japan to the world, a series of watches that "inspire you to want to wear always” and that “make your every day happy."
Targeting women who enjoy variety in their fashion, appetime has developed simple yet “cute and elegant” collections – watches to accent any kind of outfit and to complement any kind of scene.

Celebration held at Haba Store.

appetime smoothie

Collection inspired by the fresh healthful smoothies. Featuring a dial depicting the thick texture of a smoothie, colorful hour markers and more, this collection inherited a lot from appetime’s distinctive pop design.

For those who loves to drink smoothies you can always choose this series of watch. The smoothies color is really colorful mixed with all the healthy fruits and bright color design.

The models are bracelet-type watches which feature small cases and simple metal bands, plus brightly colored, radially gradated dials suggestive of tasty fruits
The watches will bear fruit motifs arranged naturally in simple designs, including dial coloring that looks good enough to eat. The watch crystal and a Swarovski crystal at the 4 o’clock position that suggest the overflowing of juices of fruits, hour markers like tiny pips, and more. Designed by sticking to the concept of “cute and elegant,” the watches go well with a wide range of outfits and can be worn for both work and play.
The appetime brand will continue to offer watches with unique themes, making every day pleasant and bright.

I am not a fan of metal bands but this design is really elegant and classy look for modern lady look nowadays. They have silver and gold color design to choose. Inside was made by Swarovski element with colorful bright colors of fruits.

appetime ame

The collection was inspired by AME(Japanese candy).
It’s with a glossy texture with a bold thick glass and enamel finished strap which reminds us the sweet candy.
Also, the delicate color of the dial plates hints us the sweet flavors.
appetime AME, coordinates your fresh and happy style with full of sweet details.

Among all the watches design, I fall in love with this design! It just caught my attention when I scroll appetime Malaysia websites. It was also the latest design by appetime Malaysia.

I always love small watch compare to big and round watch. Small watch always give the cute and lovely look. The band itself was slim and elegant leather and on it back design they have the flowert design on each of the watch.

The glass was really bold and thick, looks super cute and bubbly look.

appetime marinemini

Growing out of the diver-style Marine series last summer, Marine mini models are smaller, with more “pop” and more fashionably cute designs. Marine taste is incorporated throughout the watch, including a rotating bezel, an anchor mark at the 12 o’clock position, and highly visible dot hour markers.

Apart from all the fruity design and colors. This design is inspire by Marine life. It is a water resistent watch for pool and sea.

The design of the surface was more on sporty and diver bezel design. Index and hands was much visible.

Happy birthday appetime!!!

Snacks and Desserts from Komugi Cafe, Pavilion.

Everyone that are at the celebration has the chance to join this contest!! 

appetime sparkling

The theme is appetimeSparkling, describing with dots the bursting bubbles of carbonated drinks.

Bubble design on the surface of the watch represent the bursting bubble from a carbonated drinks. The design was really cute because it jas mix and match color of the bubble.

As the usual design of appetime, the color is really colorful, creative, sweet and appealing!! 

With pretty Lumi. It was my honor to know her. Since we have the same age and I always think she was really pretty and cute!! Her fashion style, make up and hair, it was always my favorite!! Hope that we can meet again soon.

Trying appetime watch on my wrist. I love them both!! Coincidentally wearing the same color band with the watch, haha.

Congratulations to the two winners with the most like on instagram. Each of them get a appetime watch worth RM430!!

Once again Happy Birthday to appetime.

For more:
appetime Malaysia

If you want to visit their store do drop by at their store at Pavilion.

Appetime Malaysia
Lot P6. 19. 00
6th Floor, Tokyo Street
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur



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