Ohai!! Today I shall continue My Bangkok Day 2 post in this super super Europe small town that is name Chocolate Ville. This place been a famous place and is a must go place when you are in Bangkok! 

Since day 1 we already knew that Mochit Station area are always jam after 6pm to 7pm. So today after visit to the Husky Cafe, we straight come to Chocolate Ville. While we were waiting for cab, we meet with 1 couple that also wanted to go to Chocolate Ville by cab too! We got into the same cab with them and it feels great to have someone to share out the cab fees together. Praise the Lord! They are a sweet marry couple who come on trip to Bangkok and we did share our journey to Madamme Tussauds and Hello Kitty Cafe to them. 

The journey from Mochit Station to Chocolate Ville is around 20 to 30 minutes without jam. When we reach Chocolate Ville, the sun is still very hot and bright. That time was around 5pm+. Although some of the photo I can't really open my eyes because the sun is too bright, but the sky is really pretty.

We were amazed by the design of the place. 

They have really cute and colorful design with the artificial grass and the blue sky. This was just the entrance of the Chocolate Ville and we haven't walk in and yet we can't stop taking photos of the place.

I love the red petrol station because it makes me feel like back to the Hollywood movie scenery, haha.

Walking in and you will welcome by the Vintage red car.

A map of Chocolate Ville. The place is looks quite big and if you really walk thoroughly the place, it will take up to 2 hours. Like us since we love to taking photos, we spend a lots of time taking photos since the place is really too pretty and it's really does makes me feel like I'm in a different country.

A really wonderful scene that make us feel like we are at other country.

Classic and vintage Europe design house.

Evening time at Chocolate Ville. 

A light house.

I love the photo that the waiter help us to take. Please don't afraid to ask when you need help in other country, is a once in a life time thing, just do it!

My boy ask me not to post our photo in my post but what I wanted to let him and you guys know. The things that keep me blog is because of my boyfriend. I once stop blog for like half year because of him and I start blog again and it was because of him too. I wanted to tell you, no matter what, the real inspiration of makes me continue to blog is because of you. So I will always share our love photos in my blog.

Dinner place was really big and I just manage to take some of the place. Wait for more in the night fall of Chocolate Ville.

The evening scene and the night scene of the bicycle. Next I will post the photos that my boyfriend help me took.

The 2 dolls was pretty cute!

Purposely do the effect dreamy a bit because surround by the flowers.

Okay, I found this photo that I am looking cute xD

Behind the entrance there is this valley, boat and river.

Took quite a lots photo inside the whole row of the Europe design house. They have the walls and the open walls area where the sun can direct in and the photos will have enough light to do shooting.

Watermelon Juice 75 Baht
Hot Tea (Lipton) 50 Baht
FOODIE time!!! Yes we have our dinner quite early also, since we also finish everything and maybe we'll wait for the sun go down and enjoy the night view of Chocolate Ville. 

Fried Noodle with Shrimp and Water Mimosa 215Baht
This dish is a spicy dish and if you have friends or family who can't really ate spicy. Try to ask them to cook less spicy for you. As you can see from the photo, they have many shrimps and it was quite big size. 

Ham and Mushroom Pizza 235Baht

Butter Cheese Cake. 
Got it for free because we added Chocolate Ville through wechat!I not sure whether it is applicable for all time. But feel free to enquire from them.

Spicy Seafood Spaghetti 235 Baht.

Nevertheless, their food is average but still acceptable because in Chocolate Ville there is just 1 dining place available. The seats are very spacious and full seats until night time. I can see everyone are enjoying the food and the scenery too. 

We purposely choose the seat beside the river because we always enjoy food and hearing the sound of water. And we have companion with us too, haha.

Till the next post.

Chocolate Ville
Call for reservation:
(083)077-3738 / (081)921-2016 / (081)921-0661

Kaset-Nawamin KM11, 
Bangkok, Thailand 10230

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Till Then.

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  1. What a cute and pretty place! Now that makes me want to go to Bangkok again soon!

    1. you should!^-^ hehe, I will plan to back Bangkok too!

  2. Hi! May I ask whether asiatique and chocolate ville- which is the nicer place to go? My travel itinery is way too pack and need to forgo one of these 2 :( Thanks in advance!! :)

    1. Hey! It was actually depends on you, would you prefer to go for shopping/bazaar then you can go visit Asiatique or you prefer to go somewhere chill and photo worthy place that will be Chocolate Ville! =D