Finally I have finish editing my Day 3 photo at Santorini Park. It was one of my dream place that I wanted to go at Bangkok. We have total of 400++ photos and I finally choose out 68 photos that I super super like. It was a really tough time to choose photo because all the photos we took was so memorable and beautiful. 

When I start to write my Bangkok journey, it just make me miss the place more and miss how travel can make us forget all the things that we face. How we enjoy the trip and how Bangkok has amaze us by their culture, food and their beautiful scenery. Sometimes life is just making us wanted to runaway from everything and wish for our life to start over again.

Looking through the photos, I feel happy and grateful because I have the chance to visit all the wonderful places in Bangkok. Although we are first time here for our trip, but lucky me to have the one who are willing to take care and look after me. We do face problem and have different opinion when we are planning and travel in this trip. But we are still manage to finish this wonderful Bangkok trip together.

We been doing some research about our trip from Bangkok to HuaHin. We been noticing that transport to Huahin from Bangkok is not very easy. Is either you booking with travel agent or cab that is very costly. The another option for the journey is by bus or van. Both of us choose the cheaper transport that is by van that are just fetching us to Santorini Park only. It might sound crazy for some of you but that's what we discuss and plan out. There is also some advantages and disadvantages for both of the options.

We take BTS to BTS National Stadium. We did ask for direction where we can took van to HuaHin.

Ta-dang we are here with all the van.

Basically the price here are not much different. In here, you can find transport to their floating market too!

It cost us 160baht each for trip to Santorini Park. If you head straight to HuaHin town, it will be 180Baht. Super cheap right! If you are going with travel agent or by cab mostly cost 1000Baht and above.

Our Van. We didn't wait for long and the van is not fully packed but it just 4 passengers.

Yeahhhh!! We finally reach Santorini Park at Hua Hin after 2 hours plus journey with toilet break halfway and no jam. 

It was very very windy on that day.

Entrance ticket was 150Baht for non resident promotion. This ticket is for the Entrance + Ride Ticket on the Ferris Wheel you see in their main door.

We are ready to explore Santorini Park.

The place we first in you can all the blue and white design like Santorini. We got a bit disappointed with the design maybe is because we put high hope at Santorini Park. 

There are many nice and cute walls for couple and posing!!

It was the pink zone!

Haunted house.

Colorful and artistic stairs.

Pink, Yellow and Blue!!!

There are many lovely flowers that just add up the romantic feel in this place.

The house inside Satorini Park are all shoplots. That sells many apparels, accessories, foods and more. But mostly we are not encourage to shop there as the price is a bit pricey than outside. But there are also some of the shops having discounts and sales too.

There are many hidden nice and pretty place you can find in Santorini. You can go up the stairs and you will explore more corner of Santorini!

Even their toilet is nicely decorated! With birds, fountain and flying cats!?

Red Zone.

Christmas Deco.

We did spend few hours in Santorini Park and we having lunch in here too. Because the sun is really burning hot and we are really exhausted walking around the place. No joke that this place is really big and if you guys walk thoroughly the whole place and taking photos in every corner. You can spend 3-4 hours here!


After lunch, with the sun almost above us we still got on the ride on this Ferris Wheel.

There are more fun zone around the Ferris Wheel corner. They got kids playing area, Trick 3D Art Museum and more, mostly are required to pay for their entrance. But lucky us they have this super funny trick chair illusion outside the 3D Art museum.

More shops and more flowery plants.

Went into a super romantic shops selling all the cute stuffs!

Poser Mode on!

There are many pretty corners for photos! Is just once in a life time place, so remember to take as many photos you want. We back to the exit and we are ready to move on our next destination.

Till Then.

Santorini Park is a really wonderful and fun place to visit. It was worth it for once in a life time ya. Many nice and pretty wall for photo and the environment there is really very relaxing. Except for the hot weather. The place was like a small Santorini with all the Blue and White design. 

Hope you like my post! I will share more about our transport and tips on the next post.

Santorini Park Cha-Am
Opening Hours: 
10:00-20:00 (Mon-Fri)
9:00-20:00 (Sat - Sun and Public Holidays)

555 Moo 3,
Khao Yai Sub-district,
Cha-Am District, 
Petchburi 76120
Tel: 03 277 2999
Fax: 03 277 2996

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Till Then.

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  1. Waa the park looks so great, so many beautiful flower everywhere and the cute decoration. Hope I can visit there someday.
    thanks for sharing ^^

  2. So pretty! Must go there for my trip to Thailand!

  3. Hi!
    Can I know how long time you spend here in Santorini Park?

  4. Hi can i know how long you spend your time in Santorini Park?.

  5. Hi
    Can you kindly share by what transport mode did you leave Santorini Park and where does it bring you? Was it by the same van (the van waited for you?) and how much is the return trip please?

    1. Hi, I am sorry but you can read it on my next post here I took cab to Swiss Sheep Farm, we took public bus to Hua Hin after finish. From Hua Hin we took a different van back from Hua Hin. I think you can ask around where is the Van back to Bangkok. It was quite easy to find so yeah. That's all I can share to you ya =D

  6. Hi, can I check your trip is one day to Hua Hin? Do you need to stay 1 night at Hua Hin?

    1. Hi Zuan, it will be best to stay! As Hua Hin has alot of wonderful place to explore ya hehe =D Yes I stay only for 1 day only.

  7. Hi,

    I had seen the post about your Hua Hin trip. I have a plan go to there in November. So could you help me some information about Mini Bus in Victory Monument? I travel with some luggage, so the Mini Bus will take me include my luggage or not?

    Hope to heard any feedback from you soon.

    Son Tung

    1. Hi Tung, thanks for the comment. I think Luggage is fine to bring along. You can check it out here Hope its helps =D

  8. Dear Sharon,
    How to go back from huan hin to bangkok?it is possible, if i plan to go to hatyai from hua hin?by train?

    1. Hi Zarina! I take same kind of van back from Hua Hin to Bangkok ya. About going to Hatyai from Hua hin, I am not too sure about this. Sorry ya =D

  9. Hi Sharon, thanks for your article.

    I, my wife and my kid, three of us will go Santorini Park from Don Muang airport, of course with our luggage. Does Santorini Park and Swiss Sheep Farm has somewhere we can deposit our luggage?

    Second problem is that the risk of getting transport from Santorini Park to Swiss Sheep Farm and from Swiss Sheep Farm to Hua Hin town. Is it really by luck to get transport? What if no transport?

    1. Hi Hasan!

      1. I can't remember whether they have any place to deposit luggage as well. You can always enquire to them via email. Normally the tourist will come together with their tour guide and get their luggage store in the Van itself.

      2. From my experience, I can say it was by luck. Please rest assure that the outside road is a sort of highway road, so it will be quite dangerous to stop a Bus/Cab road side. However is not wrong to try it.


  10. Thank you very much Sharon for your prompt reply.

    1) I think I will get tour guide/private car/taxi from Don Mueang direct to Hua Hin and stop by Santorini Park and Swiss Sheep Farm. Do you have any taxi driver contact you can recommend?

    2) Have you ever used metered taxi or grab in Bangkok? Which is cheaper?

    3) In your opinion, do you think if we travel in three people, which is cheaper transport, BTS or metered taxi/grab?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Hassan!

      So sorry I couldn't provide you any contact of tour guide/private car/taxi to you since I don't use any of this contact during my travel to Hua Hin. I will opt for tour guide as you can share the transport with other tourist and even make new friends too during the journey too.

      As for Grab and Taxi, I didn't manage to try out either. My main transport around Bangkok mostly are by train or in Tuk Tuk. Tuk Tuk can be a really good experience as it can sit up to 4 person too.

      Base on my experience, if you are lucky enough you might able to meet friendly tourist that you can even share cab/grab together. I have this experience twice in BKK which is totally out of my expectation =D