Hi my fellow readers, will have a food post today! This cafe is been in my list and I always wanted to go but have no time to go. Finally I been here, I can tell you guys, this place is really antique and the design of the place is really amazing. Is a old shop but inside The Front Door, they still remain some of the old bricks wall, old electrics suis and the floor too.

Cafe and Backpackers - The Front Door at Grocer's Inn. The inn is just inside the cafe, and when you are here you can saw some backpackers love to chill inside.

When I reach and saw this big black door, the front door cafe is just behind these big doors. 

The whole building of the Grocer's Inn.

My Bag of the day. From Twenty3.

Hot Chocolate RM 10


Drink Bar and Cashier.

Here's start our dish! The Front Door have their famous signature toast that comes like the photo . The have open toast with the dressing on top of the toast.

1 Slice RM6
3 Slice RM18
5 Slice RM27

I order a 3 slice toast, Toast #4 With cream cheese, slices of cucumber ribbon, fresh salmon and capers on top of the salmon. If you have follow and read my blog, salmon is my all time favorite food. Is a must to order Salmon dressing for me! haha I love the slice salmon that is fresh and the herbs makes the dressing more favorable.

Toast #6
Another fresh and unique taste for a dressing! Mozzarella with Green Apple Slice with almond and salted caramel sauce. Is a very healthy choice of dressing, and I must say the taste is really very special. The apple is so juicy and fresh, although green apple taste sour but the taste combination with mozarella, almond and salted caramel is so fresh and special.

Toast #12 
Mayonnaise, cheddar, slices of cucumber ribbon, top with Chicken Ham and Hard Boiled egg. I choose this for my another toast because of the ham! It is really recommend to eat all the toast while it is still warm. The toast they serve is really soft and was nice to eat it while the bread is warm and soft.

My 3 Slice toast and Hot Chocolate.

I did order their breakfast set too. At first I would love to try their salad set, but it seems it was not in the menu. So instead I have their salad, I order their breakfast Set.

Bacon and Cheese Omelette RM17
Fluffy omelette filled with crispy beef bacon and mozzarella cheese served with side salad, crispy potatoes and slice of toast.

I really love their egg omelette!! It was really really so fluffy and soft. The egg was fried evenly with the beef bacon, the egg is not too salty after mixed with the mozzarella cheese. It was a perfect omelette that I ever taste.

Can you see the mozzarella cheese, it was cook evenly with the omelette too! I find it was really full filling and tasty breakfast I have!

A little sneak peek of their menu.

At last, here are some of the photos I took from their valley behind, the side window are the registration of Grocer's Inn.

Beautiful and Artistic painting!

I love the Shinny Golden Ball of Lighting.

Love their writing on the wall.

End my post with the corner I love! The old steel chair and the bin table. I love their old suis corner too. Their brick wall is really stands out in the cafe. They keep the original of the wall and the floor too. I love how they keep the original and antique of the cafe and with the modern and classic in the other side of the cafe.

Grocer's Inn, 
78, Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour:
10am - 6pm  (Closed on Thursday)
Contact: 016-222 7940


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  1. AMAZING photographs! I really really love unique and special cafes, and try them out!
    I have a similar post, we should get paid for reviewing cafes! Wouldn't that be the most perfect job ever? :D
    Lovely blog girl <3 Kisses from Hungary xoxo