Hola, I am at Kluang during the May holiday and I get the chance to visit 1 of the cafe at Kluang. I was being treated well and enjoy the few days holiday at there as well. I am really thankful that I can meet many new friends and have a touching fellowships with them. We even been to one cafe so that I can have a food post journey for my blog at Kluang. 

This cafe is a racing car theme at Kluang. Kluang now has change a lot and they have a lots of cafe and good food already. I even read through a blog that introduce good food at Kluang too. I was very excited and although the car theme is not as fancy as I thought. But the environment and food wise I really enjoy it.

Brick walls with 4 racing cars photo.

Cardboard racing car and track.

Not forget to have some of the vintage car on board.

Race car model.

Dining table is with the car steering.

The seats on the right is using the car racing seats from the car. Their main color is mostly red, black and white.

The seats on left is with these comfortable sofa seats.

The floor is with the drawing of yellow line just like the car track.

Cashier Stop.

Hanging Car Model made with foam board.

I love their door! With heavy steel door and steering as the door handle.

Not forget that beside the cafe that's a Car Wash Center.

Sausage for the appetizer.

Jasmine Green Tea RM8.90/Pot

Black Pepper Chicken Burger RM11.90

I love their chicken with the burger. The chicken was grilled outside and the meat was so tender. The sauce is just alright but I still prefer to have of the black pepper sauce. The filling is quite full and thick for me.

Grilled Fish Alfredo with Spaghetti RM14.90

The Grilled fish is really nice and fresh. It was crispy on the outer and soft in inside. The fish itself was sweet and fresh. The spaghetti sauce was slightly creamy and watery. But overall this meal was really satisfying. 

The fish texture.

Crispy Chicken Tomato Spaghetti RM12.90

Chicken Salami and Sausage Spaghetti RM14.90

Seafood Fried Rice RM8.90

Nicely present with fresh seafood.

Tiramisu RM8.90
After meal, is time to have some dessert! The tiramisu is quite spongy and the taste is not that strong as well. 

Chocolate Indulgence RM 8.90
Compare to the Tiramisu flavor, this cake is more tastier! You can see each of the layer of the cake was full and creamy. The chocolate was really rich in taste and very chocolaty. But is not as sweet as you think, where as the chocolate and the cheese layer blends well. I will recommend this cake in this cafe!

99 Car Cafe
No 189, Jalan 1,
Taman Sri Kluang,
86000 Kluang, Johor.


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  1. cool concept! =D the only thing i can relate to kluang is the malaysia cartoon Keluang man! HAHAHHA