Hola! I know I am super late but nevertheless I still want to share about it. Just like other people, we also went to see the Avengers movie size figurine model in real life. We came to Mid Valley on the weekends and to be honest it was super crowded. But the Avengers fever keep burning and everyone came here to see the Avengers figurines model.

If you guys know, Avengers: Age of Ultron finally release on screen on the 21st of April. You can see life size Avengers figurines at the Center Court of Mid Valley Megamall. All these figurines only be shown until 19th of April only. You can't see it now at Mid Valley but I will share all the photos I took at there, it was a awesome exhibition and the figurine is really so cool and feel so real.

Even the main slide door also follow the Avengers fever.

Let's start the journey.

Some from the first Avengers and previous Marvel's movie.

You'll see all these small figurines once you step in the main door of Mid Valley.

Went into the center court.

Captain America.

Some of the figurine are really cute and some are looking really cool.

Close look of the details.

The scene looks so real and nervous.

Life size The Hulk. I know it does look small in the photo but never estimate its height and power as you can see in the movie.

Hulk Buster mode. It was so cool and looking so awesome with it gears and size. Is sort of the combination of Hulk + Ironman, haha but is not. You'll know what I mean if you had watch the movie already.

Photo Contest yeah!


Four outstanding poster at the exhibition.

A game and photo corner for the children who love Avengers and Marvel's Hero.

Beside with the figurines in the Center court, you can see there are small booths putting all these cute Marvel Heroes figurines too.

Further away from the center court, there have merchandise selling all sorts of Avengers stuff, such as cloths, toys and many more. These small figurines is for sell too, but the price is really pricey. Mostly had been sold out already when I check on it, haha.

Hope you enjoy this post! Although I am not a huge of Avengers, but being to see their figurines in movie size at Mid Valley has already make me so excited about their new movie. The figurine are really so nice and precise in every details. For me I really love the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, I think the movie is better than Fast and Furious 6 lol, haha.

*No Offence to Fast and Furious Fan


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  1. waaa lucky you, i hope there is something like that will hold in my country >3<