I been delay this post for weeks, because start busy during May onwards. So usually when I reach home, I was either too tired or I just scrolling my facebook and instagram. Sometimes blog post is not easy to write out especially when you are tired and no inspiration. If I was really tired but I still want to blog, it will be more on fashion post or blog about post that I like. But if post like sponsor or review post, I will usually draft out my post and write it as my part time blogger life.

I went to this Cleo #WomenofWorth High Tea & Workshop on the 18th of April at Chinoz in the Park with my friend. Thanks to her invite I get to go to this workshop.

If you are a faithful reader of Cleo, you will know that in the March Issues of Cleo. [Cleo] In honour of International Women’s Day in March, L’Oréal Paris is devoting the whole month of March to celebrating women with their Women of Worth (WOW) campaign.

Registration Counter with 2 beauty from Cleo.

Goodies and Make Up bag from Loreal Paris.

Waiting to start.

Claudia Low, editor of Cleo Malaysia. She said, Women nowadays are independence and have to be multitask. A woman need to be a strong woman in work, a beautiful daughter, loving wife and mother. In this world, there are many version of woman and many responsible of a woman.

Daniel from Loreal Paris Malaysia. He briefly told us about what is women of worth and more about the campaign. In the photo of the Women of Worth, the women are all in bright red lipsticks and dress in white outfit. 

This WOW campaign have 2 main purpose that is we woman must have acknowledgement of ourself. We are strong, beautiful, and confident. Hence we must have a celebration of our journer to being a woman of worth. Our worth should be our daily journey in our life.

January Low, one of the Women of Worth. It was my pleasure to have meet January Low in person. She is a Malaysian Indian Classical dancer of Chinese Indian descent. Learn dance since 8 years old and she has win awards for her performance. January Low has been touring around the world with Sutra Dance Theatre. 

But in a woman life, marry and pregnant is like a part of our journey. January Low now is married and give birth to twins. After few years of resting and settle down with her family, She is now started to get back track on her performance. She shared some of her life experience to us. I absolutely love her sharing and one of the sentences I love is As long as you continue your own passion, you will find that everyday is truly worth living for.

After the sharing session, we start our little make up workshop by Loreal Paris Malaysia.

Love this stage make up box.

Make up demonstration. Still remember one of the make up characteristic of Women of Worth? Red Lipstick!

Lipstick color I like. Red lipstick is my new love color. 

My totally naked face look without makeup.

My after red lipstick look. 

Make Up Products from Loreal Paris.

Allicia our make up artist on that day.

Besides by the make up tips, they do share some hair tips. L'Oreal Paris do comes out with hair products.

Done my make up with eyeliner, eyebrow, mascara and most importantly the red lipstick!

Time to have our high tea session.

Wookay, time for our hightea session. Food prepared by Chinoz in the Park.

Photos Session time before we leave.

Once again, thanks Cleo for this wonderful workshop session with L'Oreal Paris Malaysia. Thanks for the goodies bag and the sharing about Women of Worth, make up and hair tips.

Chinoz in the Park
G47 Ground Level 

Phone 03-2166 8277 

L'Oreal Paris Malaysia




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