Hi my fellow friends! Today gonna blog about another outfit I collage with MLB Baseball hats!! Is was my first time doing fashion collage with hats, but what's not to love about hat? It helps us keep away from the hot sun and in the mean time it can accessorize our outfit. Although I am not much of hat lover, but to find a suitable hat is really important for us. 

Why do I say this is because not every hat is suitable to wear and not everyone like to wear hat. Sometimes is depends on the weather or whether you are in the outdoor or indoor. Mostly we wear it during outdoor when there are hot sun, at the beach, go for picnic and many more outdoor activities. Physically some people don't like to wear hat because they think wearing hat make their head looks bigger. That is why looking for a suitable hat for a suitable event is really important for us.

In this post, I choose 5 of the MLB Baseball Hats from Fanatics and collage it with different accessories and styles. [Wiki] Major League Baseball is a professional baseball organization that constitutes one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. It is the oldest league of the four. 

In Fashion, there is no rules like Baseball hats should be only wear it during playing baseball. But since it was still a hat that is under category of ACCESSORIES.I have match the my top 5 favorite MLB Baseball Hats in my own styles.

New Era L.A. Dodgers Fitted Hat Royal Blue

I start of my favorite blue color match it with Neon Crop Top and blue leggings. Sneakers is perfect together with the leggings. A student look outfit match with New Era L.A Dodgers Fitted Hat Royal Blue, it can be one of your everyday college look.

New Era New York Yankees 59FIFTY Fitted Hat Gray

The second hat I choose is in Grey color. At first I wanted to choose black or white hat for a super easy match outfit. But I decide to go for grey color, because grey color is the combine color for both! I personally think that grey color is also a easy match color too. 

Sometimes I didn't get inspired by any outfit ideas, its just go by my instinct that this hat should be nice to match with this outfit. Just as you guys can see, mostly apparels in this look is a Casual look. I really love grey color especially this kind of soft grey color. Paired it with a grey shirt and a jean jacket, it was kind off wash out color and it was really retro and vintage look. With the lined pants, it was so perfect! I really love this combination! A Casual Look Day with New Era New York Yankees Fitted Hat in Grey,

Washington Nationals '47 Brand Franchise Fitted Hat Red

The 3rd Hat I choose is Red color! If you think of any striking color, it will be red color. At first my idea is to make the red hat stands out in a one color outfit. But when I saw this Banana shirt, it just makes me wanna try to pair with this red hat. Surprisingly it does looks good together, but I did add some white color accessories to make my red hat stands out more as my outfit is quite colorful already. Let's go for a Color Pop Beach Look with Washington Nationals '47 Fit Wasted Hat in Red!

The 4th hat I choose a super cute and lovely bucket hat! Yeap, I am fan of Bucket hat. Because this hat is really cute and suitable for ladies and children. I match this outfit with white long shirt dress and white platform shoes, a bit Korean style. I love the bag with the blue color block and the wooden hanger for the bag. A sophisticate and yet a classic tote bag. Smart Casual Look with Kansas City Royal New Era Bucket Hat in White.

New Era New York Yankees Pop Up Adjustable Visor Navy Blue

Lastly, I go for a Gym Sporty look with New Era New York Yankees Pop Up Adjustable Visor in Navy Blue. The perfect black and white outfit for a sport look at gym. I love this polo dress, it can be really sporty yet casual look for a day out. Sport bra and short pants is a must for gym! 

That's how I am going to rock these Top 5 hats in my list!You guys can choose more nice design and baseball hats in their websites. Don't forget You all can style the Hats from Fanatics and rock your outfit!  Hope you guys enjoy reading it!





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