Hello lovelies, I am back here for more cafe post. Start to working already and the transport thingy really quite tough but that's not gonna stop me from working. Its just the start and I hope I can be a really good girl about it, haha. This cafe I went was last month with my friend and I was really excited about it because it was like ages since I went to a cafe for breakfast. 

Never really heard of La Casa before and the cafe was actually quite inside and below the new condo Verve Suites area at Mont Kiara. There are just 3 cafes just besides each other. La Casa is just one of the cafe. I took many photos inside the cafes and I really love their environment. So cosy and relax with all the wooden furniture and they have really spacious area of dining.

I love all the lighting in La Casa.

Snacks and dessert.

I love this corner with the barrel and comfortable sofa seats.

Roasted Almond Chocolate RM13 
I love this drink, with the roasted almond this chocolate drink taste just awesome. The fragrance taste of really good and the after taste too!

The Ultimate Big Breakfast RM65
Assorted homemade chicken sausage, spicy italian chicken sausage, beef sausage, turkey bacon, sauteed mushroom, roasted cherry tomatoes,baked bean,scrambled eggs and toast.

First time seeing this kind of Ultimate Breakfast that can be share with two. We really enjoy and manage to finish the meal. I love their toast even it was cold but the texture remain soft and tasty.

Their scramble eggs and sauteed mushroom.

Their homemade sausages. 

The sausage filling was really full and taste are appetizing! But both of us prefer the chicken sausage flavor, not too spicy or heavy taste like the spicy Italian chicken sausage and the beef sausage. After this we were both super full and satisfy with our brunch meal already.

Apricot Peach Tea RM12
A delightful of marriage apricot, peach, and apple with sunflower, hibiscus and rotisseries, blended perfectly to create a delicious taste and fruity fragrance.

Mont Blanc RM13
Mini pastry shell filled with almond cream, topped with swirls of chestnut cream.

Really love this dessert because it just bring the uniqueness of the lemon taste, chestnut and almond cream. Is not too sweet but its just the freshness of this pastry. 

The chestnut cream is not creamy or sweet either. Middle was fill with vanilla ice-cream and the taste perfectly with the chestnut cream. 

Overall the place was really cozy and comfortable. The cafe is not crowded and it is suitable for a quiet dining as well. The food wise is acceptable and we did enjoy our meal in La Casa. If you prefer to have a quiet and enjoy dining, you can always visit La casa.

La Casa
Ground Floor, Verve Shops 
Verve Suites, Jalan Kiara 5, 
Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

03-6211 8825



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