Yo another cafe post is up! When I start working I tend to arrange my blogging time quite often and I was really enjoy it. Is not like I treat blog as my part time work but I treat it as a place of sharing. Thanks for your love for me and thanks for your time reading my blog too. You will find that I spend more time on blogging too!

I have many post that I wanted to share to you guys but I do not have many time to really do nice editing. Video was one of the part of blogging that I hope to learn. I wanted to produce and edit more nice video. But editing usually need a lot of time and a better laptop. Many youtubers always use Mac software for all their video editing. 

I am still looking a good video editing software for myself. Any good recommend? You will find that in this post I have video recording my day at VCR Cafe. It was like since last year that I been wanted to go this cafe. At first I thought it was quite hard to find and go, but to my surprise the cafe is super easy to go and spot LOL. Its not too late to went here though!

Cafe Bar.

VCR serves delicious cake!

They have 2nd floor and the seats below are usually crowded.

Hot Chocolate RM13 
We went there during evening time and is not a good choice for me to have coffee. Since I will sensitive to coffee once I drink it. The Latte art was so pretty. Sometimes I love chocolate because I wanted to have this beautiful latte art appear in my drink.

Black Velvet
We did heard Red Velvet before but how about Black Velvet? A bit Eery kind of feel but is just the cocoa powder and flavoring who turn the cake to black. The layer of icing is quite tasty, velvet cake always let me to have a really harmony taste between the layer sponge cake and the cream.

Quiche is a savoury, open-faced pastry crust with a filling of savoury custard with cheese, meat, seafood, and/or vegetables.

I love their Quiche, super flavor and tasty. If you are hungry, you can always order their quiche and eat! It was quite filling and yummy.

Banana & Peanut Butter Cake
It was one of their signature cake. Everyone is coming here for the cake. The peanut butter is so rich and full with the peanut cream. Banana filling was between the layer of both of the sponge cake.

My Cake of the day.

View of the Balcony. Many are here for OOTD too!

Less Sugar.

Small window corner.

Drinks menu.

VCR SignBoard.

VCR Cafe
2, Jalan Galloway, 
Bukit Bintang, 
50150 Kuala Lumpur, 

Phone:03-2110 2330
Hours: 8:30 am – 11:00 pm


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  1. black velvet and hot chocolate , they look so light and fluffy and make a dreamy cake! Completely Delicious!!

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