Hi lovelies, a food post is up and is about chocolate. Who is a chocolate lover? Yeah, ME! I always love sweet dessert and chocolate is one of my top favorite. Chocolate can always make someone mood to become happy and positive. Chocolate can be in bitter, sweet and mild taste. It can mix with all sorts of dessert because of its texture and taste. 

I have been heard about Mad About Coco for quite some time. Publika has one of their cafe too! But now you don't have to go far and enjoy their dessert. Just when I was shopping and hang out at Kl area and saw Mad About Coco was finally arrived at Fahrenheit88.

Madly love about their cute logo of the girl.

Hot Milk Chocolate with Marshmallow RM15

We are here for a high tea and didn't order any heavy food. Mostly I order from their Best Seller menu. Hot Chocolate is never miss by me! I love their logo on the drink and the chocolate drink is so tasty and rich in chocolate flavor. 

Interior design theme is comes in Pastel Pink, Blue, White and CHOCOLATE!

Woohoo, I am Mad About Coco.

Name in the glass.

Love this Grass Wall.

Cashier is like a little Stall that can moving.

Passion Peach Tea RM13

Selfie of my look.

Best Seller Menu.

I Heart Churros RM16

Finally I can have a try on Churros because Churros is a dried dough pastry snack and popular among many country. Is was my first trying Churros and Churros has started to popular in KL. Please do recommend me if you have any nice cafe with yummy Churros!

My Churros come with cinnamon powder that I love! I think that the cinnamon powder is not enough for me. The Churros is so crispy and yummy. The chocolate sauce is just so perfect combo with the Churros. I even spoon out the left over chocolate sauce and eat. So addicting, yummy!

Overall, the ambiance is super super relaxing. I love their music and the environment. I hope to try more of their specialty chocolate dish that are super rich and strong in chocolate flavor. 

Lastly a little video of my day in Mad About Coco. I enjoy this song that I hear from the cafe. Hope you guys like it.

Mad About Coco 
Lot No. 1-03(01) &1-03(02)
Fahrenheit 88. 



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  1. I love chocoloate!!!
    The hot milk chocolate look so cute. I want to drink it.

  2. haha wow! it's all about chocolate ya! wait i go kl must try! =D

    Are tax liable in 2015? Check it out!

  3. Aww the hot milk chocolate is to die for!