Hi to all my beautiful girls out there, another beauty post is up. It was my new love make up product of the month. Lately Air Cushion is so hit and many make up brand has launch their own air cushion foundation. If you wish to have a super flawless and natural like the Korean Artist you saw out there, you will surely have hear about Air Cushion Compact from Laneige and Iope. This two is one of the famous Air Cushion Compact in Korean. Not forget Innisfree has their own Air Cushion Foundation too! Even just lately, Clio Professional and Sulwhasoo has launch their own brand of Air Cushion Foundation. 

So how can you just not follow the trend by using Air Cushion Foundation? I has been searching for better Air Cushion Foundation for myself. I am still in the searching progress because I am a fan of Air Cushion Foundation. How can this little product affect me? You can know it by reading my post. 

I admit I was affect by this Instagram shop June Kam Accessories. She share many nice product from Korea and how effective the product after use. Another thing is I find her really friendly and pretty too. I am not a rich girl as I don't normally shop for really expensive product and I was surveying on the price of the Air Cushion too. I found out that IOPE give the best price and quality. Another thing I like is because IOPE is the only brand who comes with the Air Cushion Blusher as well. 

IOPE Air Cushion - Blusher

With a cute Air puff.

After I bought IOPE Air Cushion product I feel that I have own one expensive make up product for myself. Makes me feel more classy and rich. The packaging was slightly smaller than the foundation and cuter too! 

The design inside was simple and easy to open. Every Air Cushion have this Air Puff especially for the air cushion foundation. I have read a blogger from Taiwan, she even use this air puff for her everyday use for other BB/CC cream or foundation too. Air puff helps us to apply our foundation evenly and gives more soft and smooth looking skin after apply.

Have you seen Blusher that comes with SPF? IOPE Air Cushion Blusher have SPF30/PA++ with 2 different color of shades - 01 Rose Pink and 02 Peach Sherbet.

Yeah I got my Free Milk tint from Too cool for Cool Milk when I purchase IOPE Air Cushion and Blusher. Its depend on your purchase.

I choose Pink combination for this 2 product.

Because the IOPE Air Cushion have no stock already so I received it after 2 weeks. Now you know that IOPE Air Cushion is really a hot sale product, haha. The package design for the foundation is different with the shiny cap texture where as the blusher is normal white texture.

Comes with IOPE Air Puff.

My IOPE Air Cushion XP C23 and 1 refill for the Air Cushion XP C23. One Air Cushion XP can be use for quite some time. It has SPF50+/PA+++. It has moisturizing radiance and whitening your skin to give the flawless and glowy look. It has also long-lasting durability of 12 hours with UV protection to your skin.

IOPE Air Cushion contains mineral water XP 30% for expressing moist skin. Its also contains Siberia Peptide 6 Selection that are natural plant peptide extract from various Siberian's plants and tree. Pore care and skin recovery with Siberia Peptide 6 Selection and Pore Elastomer. Besides that, IOPE Air Cushion XP contains 3 vitamins, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E Deriatives and Vitamin P for brightening skin tone.

IOPE Air Cushion XP
Available in 2 shades: 21 (Fair) and 23 (Light)
3 Finishes: Natural Finish (N), Full Coverage (C), and a Shimmer Finish (S).

My new love in the house!

The IOPE Air Blusher is cover with a plastic and matt white color. The IOPE Air Cushion XP cover is with shiny and classy cover.

Let's get started with my bared face.

First let's start with the IOPE Air Cushion XP.

Remember to put 2-3 finger to secure the air puff when you using the air cushion.

Sticker lid to prevent the air cushion from dry off. But you don't have to worry about it although some people will stick back the sticker lid after use. Because the open lid and the casing is made from cooling plastic material to prevent outside hot air dry off the Air Cushion. 

Slightly puff gently your air puff on the Air Cushion XP.

I really love the Air Puff because it was easy to absorb the coverage of the Air Cushion but once you apply on your face the coverage and minerals of the Air Cushion quickly absorb to your skin.

I love the coverage, super light and natural look. Is different from the BB Cream that sometimes will over dewy or oily look on your face. But this Air Cushion gives the cooling and smooth look on my face.

Left is the after apply look. My dark eye circles is less puffy and the coverage was really good. Although the Air Cushion doesn't give too much coverage on the face but for a normal day look this IOPE Air Cushion C23 gives me a natural finishing look.

 Next is the IOPE Air Cushion Blusher.

Gently tap with the Air Puff onto your cheek area.

The coverage of the blusher is not obvious but it just gives the fresh and slightly flush look on your cheek.

Done finish using this two product. What do you think about Air Cushion now? 

I am totally in love with my new IOPE Air Cushion XP and the Blusher.

Super Classy and easy carry 
Cooling casing for effective storage

IOPE Air Cushion XP gives natural coverage. If you want for more coverage you can add on with concealer. 
Gives glowy and smooth texture.
Perfect for Day Look

If to compare the price with most of the Air Cushion brand, I find IOPE was quite affordable.

Long Lasting:
Not really count and observe how long the coverage stay on my face.
But with 9 hour in the air cond room, it does not dry off my face.
Even when I go out, It does not gives me the oily and dewy look.


Hope to try more Air Cushion product. Who want to sponsor me? haha

If anyone interested about this IOPE Air Cushion XP and their cute Blusher can get from junekam.accessories (instagram) or wechat 0178785285.



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  1. Their blusher seems like so amazing.

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    2. Hi,pretty if interested can get form our Instagram shop (junekam.accessories)
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  2. liked your review, it is nice, picture is very clear too, more important is, you're beautiful~ =)

    1. Hi, if interested can get form our Instagram shop (junekam.accessories)
      Wechat id:017-8785285

  3. I like cushion too! Much better for my dry skin. And that blusher is sooo cute!

    1. Hi,pretty if interested can get form our Instagram shop (junekam.accessories)
      Wechat id:017-8785285

  4. Thanks dear for the sharing our products,really thank you very much:))

  5. I love the product =)