Peri Pera has come out a new Lip series that is Peri's Ink that comes in 5 color. But in Malaysia there are are only 3 color available that is #1 It Lips, #3 No Way and #4 Oh My. I really love their name because I think it was a really exaggerate name, haha!

During Peri Ink Party I bought 1 of their best seller color that is #3 No Way Peri's Ink

Peri's Ink #3 No Way

Packaging is really in a cute small bottle design. The cap design was like the baby bottle. The logo of the girl design is design by Korean Graphic Artist Mari Kim. 

It was a easy turn up cap and you can apply Peri's Ink with their lip brush.

The texture of the brush is really soft and smooth. The most important of all it is really easy to apply.

Peri's Ink #3 No Way color is more to reddish orange color. When you apply to your lips, the color will be more vibrant red color.

When I bought the Peri's Ink, the set comes together with Peri's Ink Remover as well. They have a yellow tube packaging.

Peri's Ink Remover Applicator.

It was a gel texture with slight lemon smell.

Despite of sharing too many photos with you guys, I decided to do a short GIF about the Peri's Ink Remover remove Peri's Ink on my hand. 

I try to wash away with water but you still can notice that Peri's Ink stain still remain on my hand. The color is fading but it has become lighter pink red color. 

Next I will be using Peri's Ink Remover to remove the remaining fading stain. When I first scrub the Peri's Ink Remover, it was like peeling of dead skin with the ink clumps coming out from the stain. You can see that the fading stain of Peri's Ink is merely to be seen.

Now is my time to try Peri's Ink and Peri's Ink Remover on my lips. First I always apply lip balm to moisturize my lips.

Using Peri's Ink you too can create a Korean Gradients lips look. Apply Peri's Ink in the middle of your lips. Slowly tap and blend Peri's Ink with your outer lip. You can always apply concealer for a more obvious gradient lips.

Is time to go for Full Lips color. When Peri's Ink dry, it feels like Matte and the color was hyper saturated that make your lips looks more shiny and sheer. The color is simply amazing as I really like vibrant red lips on my lips. Because its just bring the best of me! 

I trying the Best Remover Wet Wipes ever from Biore. The Color turns out to be orange and red color on the wet wipes.

Yet the Peri's Ink still remain mostly on my lips.

Next, I have to use Peri's Ink Remover to remove the Peri's Ink stain. The first scrub, the stain is fading and it was better than I using normal make up remover. I am sorry because I always have dry lips, that's why there is the orange stain remaining there.

The second try on the Peri's Ink Remover. Mostly the color was fading include my dry lip orange stain.

During the Peri's Ink Night Party, we got another small bottle of Peri's Tint Water and Peripera Lumi Pang.

The First line was Peri's Tint Water and the Second Line was Peripera Lumi Pang.

The total 5 colors of Peri's Ink.

I really love it small bottle. Easy to bring and really convenient.

I love it cute bottle design. Color was really saturated and I love the vibrant red color on my lips. Not forger the matte finishing color was really nice.

What you guys think about a Lip Ink that need special Ink Remover only can remove the color? It was not really convenient. Its was not easy to use too as the effect of the ink remover is not that strong especially with my dry lips.




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  1. Hi Sharron ^^

    I got the no.1 shade, I dont have enough time to make a review haha ,
    I bought it online so i didnt get the remover T.T it should be get along with a mirror also.
    the orange color is really pretty on you, but its a shame that the ink remover seems doesnt work well .
    anw nice review ^^

  2. Great review, I've never heard of peri's ink before, but their products definitely sound like they're worth a try! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

  3. OMG!! the colors seriously very nice!! I macam want to go and buy the products to try but then now no money! cannot spend money already..

  4. Wow! It really last on lips!! O_O

  5. The color looks good on you, but it looks like hard to remove :( .... maybe, I'll try this product ^^
    thanks for your review!

    xoxo, Syarah

  6. Gorgeous! Where can i buy this lip ink?