Have you ever thought of in Royal Selangor there is this cafe that are like a hidden gen inside. Is not my first time went to their cafe but every time I go their meal never fail me. They serve big breakfast too in the morning and heard that their big breakfast was quite nice too. Hope to try it in the future.

Today I will be blogging about their lunch set meal in The Cafe at Royal Selangor. Not many people realize that there is this cafe inside, because Royal Selangor is one of the must visit place for tourist to come and visit. Royal Selangor is famous for their pewter art with customised design from customer or even designer. With over 250 skilled craftspeople and a 40-strong in-house design team, Royal Selangor have expanded the uses of pewter, exploring its many possibilities from children's gifts and wine accessories to personal accessories such as cufflinks and flashdrives. [Royal Selangor Website]

The café.

Lunch Set - Their Daily Special + Ice cream + Soft Drink RM25
Any Salad + Soup of the day RM21.50

It was quite worth a price right? Their Ice-cream is even from Häagen-Dazs! How awesome is taste. The salad set is really look tempting as I notice they have salmon salad set, yum! Soup!? Always my favorite.

Menu written on the chalk board wall.

Don't worry as they will always change their daily special set. The day we went is on a lovely Sunday, so we have Sausages and Mash to choose or you can choose Piri-piri Chicken. Since it was a Sunday so they have 2 choices of daily special.

You can choose other Ala Carte on the menu board too.

See what I found! Häagen-Dazs

Snacks and Dessert.

Sausage and Mash Potato!! I always like home cooked mash potato, mostly home cooked mash potato will be more tasty and you can add more spice in it too.

They served it with their home made sausages. Super filling and quite a huge sausages. Just like a while a go I have try La Casa home made sausages it has each different filling and taste. But here you just have 1 taste of the same 3 sausages, so it was really quite stuffy and meaty taste. If you are not a sausage lover, maybe the meaty taste will be stuffy for you.

Piri-piri Chicken. As for this dish, it was far more better than the sausages. With well grilled chicken, mash potato and healthy salad served together.

A really big portion of a chicken thigh, well cooked and marinated. I always love grilled chicken with their marinated sauce skin. Yummy and delicious!

Sausage and Mash on the left and Piri-piri Chicken on the right.

I choose a really high protein and healthy meal for my lunch. Smoke salmon and orange salad set.

The combination is fab! The presentation of this salad was really tempting and nice, can't imagine to have such a yum food in Royal Selangor. Smoked salmon on the top and below was the fresh orange slices, salad and cherry tomatoes.

It was a really pleasant salad set for me, I have my favorite salmon, healthy orange slices, salad and cherry tomatoes. The sauce was really unique as its taste a bit lemon and orangy taste. But it just mix well with the salad, give out the fresh orangy taste of the salad.

Pumpkin soup is their soup of the day. When you first taste it, the pepper taste was really strong. But when you keep tasting you will find out that this pumpkin soup is really nice.

 Not too sweet or salty, the brew of the pumpkin is really strong. You will eventually addicting with the taste.

Opps blur image, Ice-cream is always the last! Only came with their lunch set of their daily special. So I just share their Häagen-Dazs with my boy since my lunch set salad set doesn't include dessert. I wonder if I can wake early to come here for their big breakfast next time. If you happen to be visiting Royal Selangor Pewter, don't forget to drop by their The cafe as well! You will be surprise by their food serving!

The Café at Royal Selangor Visitor Centre
Address: Jalan Usahawan 6, 
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Phone:+60 3-4145 6186



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  1. hwaaa the piri piri chicken and the smoked salmon orang salad make me droolling haha XD
    they all look yummy X9


  2. Oh wow all the food look pretty yummy
    Cute pics


  3. your posts always make me hungry!! LOL. the smoked salmon salad and pumpkin soup made my mouth water. smoked salmon and pumpkin are some of my favorites. xoxox

  4. hello sharon! such delish gourmets you got :9
    and the cafe looks comfortable! the design is quite simple yet neat!
    ,i like the way they wrote the menu using chalk on pillar!


    1. really delicious!! is a really simple and nice cafeee


  5. that looks great

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  7. I want to try the smoke salmon orange salad~~~