Hi to my fellow friends, if you guys have follow me on the June of 18th is me and my boyfriend 3rd Year Anniversary. Since that day was fall on a weekdays, we plan to have a early celebration together. We didn't have a really fancy celebration instead we treat it like our normal dating day, go for a nice meal and movie.

We are here at The Counter - Custom Built Burgers at Pavilion. It was located at the Dining Loft. I am really curious since we are not first time at Dining Loft but The Counter never really stand out in there. Although both of us are not a fan of Burger but this Custom Built Burger have caught our attention. 

I bet not everyone have the chance to build their burger with their own favorite vegetable and sauce. Its nearly have the same concept like Subway but in here was far more professional and provide better and more varieties of ingredients. The short form B.Y.O.B - Build Your Own Burger.

After we order, only I realize they even have Build Your Own MilkShakes. Sounds so creative and delicious by the look of their drawing on their Expert Build Milkshakes.

The dining area are really spacious and classy wood design of their wall and floor.

Tissues and Straw Station.

There are definitely someone who are Expert in Built Burgers.

Kitchen area.

Burger in Chalk drawing. Overall was nicely present and creative as well.

Our Topless Ice Lemon Tea.

Sweet Potato Fries RM16 Want go for a healthy fries? Try Sweet Potato Fries! It was not oily and nicely fried. The sweetness of the sweet potato was still remain. Their shape of each fries are even and it was quite a filling for both of us. Their Horseradish Aioli is really fabulous! Aioli stands for a garlic flavored sauce resembling mayonnaise that are from Provence region of France.

When you eat it with the Horseradish Aioli, the taste of the fries is even tastier and it was a really nice and healthy snack.

If you are not keen of BYOB, you can always order their Expert Builds Burger that have already mixed nicely in their menu. I always go for their signature, The Official Counter Burger RM38 (150g) Beef.


Hormone + Antibiotic FREE Beef, Sharp Provolone, Crispy Onion Strings, Lettuce Blend, Sauteed Mushroom , Ripened Red Tomatoes , Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette and Brioche Style Bun.

Beautifully presented with layers of dish and toasted Bun. There are many ways for eating a burger, either you eat like the western style use hand and have one big bite of the burger or you can use knife eat by layer by layer.

Top layer start with the fried onion ring, continue on with sauteed mushroom and beef with cheese layer. Super guilty meal but nevertheless the other two layer was with cabbage and tomatoes slice.

I choose Medium Well for my Beef.

Our Meal of the day.

They provide a page for you to tick your selection to Build Your Own Burger. Their waiter is really very friendly as we are first time here in The Custom and order BYOB. They will actually  explain to you how should you order your burger without any extra charges. After you have tick they check nicely your selection and confirm again your order.

You can order BYOB with 6 simple steps. If you still don't understand about their order for BYOB you can always ask their waiter.

Step 1 Choose your own burger / Meat that you prefer
4 Kind of Meat you can choose. The Counter assure that their beef and tuna are halal certified. Beef are with NO hormone and antibiotic.

Step 2 Choose your Cheese (Extra Cheese +RM3)
12 Different Cheese Sauce.

Step 3 Choose Your Sauce (Extra Sauce +RM1.50)
23 Different Sauce.

Step 4 Choose Your Toppings
31 Different Toppings and 13 Premium Topping to choose.

Step 5 Choose Your Bun
6 Different Bun.

Step 6 Choose Your Side Dish(+RM7 each)
11 Kind of Side Dish.

If you don't like your burger to be in the normal bun style, try the Salad Style-In a Bowl (+RM3.5) Their Sunny Side Up Egg was nicely presented on this meal. They just mixed up all the choices of your BYOB into the bowl. My Boy choose Chicken Breast, they serve 100% natural Chicken Breast for a more healthy meal. 

Really love how their present the meal.

A really sumptuous meal for both of us. It was a healthy meal too as we have many raw vegetables and sweet potato fries. The price total for both of us is RM80+ include service charge and GST. You can have 10% Discount if you are CIMB Credit Card User too. Wish to Build Your Own Burger? Head over to The Counter at Dining Loft, Pavilion.

The Counter Burger KL Malaysia
Dining Loft, 7th Floor, 
Pavilion shopping mall, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
Kuala Lumpur


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  1. we have The Counter here in the U.S. I looooooove it. i always leave happy and ready for a nap. hehe. good choices on your burger selection.