Hi peeps, another food post by the end of weekend. It has already pass half of the year of 2015. Many things had happened in the first half year. I have a lot of happy and some unhappy memories too. But June is the happiest month as I had celebrate my birthday and our anniversary love date together. I will be blogging about my birthday soon!

I still miss Bangkok and their food! I am here at Bangkok Beat Bistro to enjoy my Thai food cuisine here.

Bangkok Beat Bistro 

I miss Bangkok when I saw the MRT Line, the photos from Bangkok.

Lunch time.

There are having Executive Lunch Sets @ RM18.90++. Which we think it was really cheap and affordable for a selection from Main + Salad + Salad + RM3 Drinks.

Menu was nicely presented. Simple image arrangement and wording was really simple and nice.

We have their Hot Lemongrass Tea. I always love lemongrass tea and it is only available in Thai restaurant. The smell was so nice with lemongrass fragrance and it was a really soothing drink.

Beef Noodles Soup + Deep Fried Papaya Salad

Who love Thai Noodles? I have tried many stall at Thailand and their noodles is really smooth and delicious. You can always slurp their noodles easily. Thailand beef noodles always have the best noodles. 

Beef was really tender and juicy. The soup was nice too with the beef essence of the soup was really appetizing.

Deep Fried Papaya Salad. They cut papaya to slices and deep fried it. It is not oily but it have the crispy skin and inside is the papaya slices. They put vinegar and some crispy nut to create more flavor in this salad.

Chicken and Fish Tomyam Soup. It was so spicy and we couldn't finish it all. But tom yam soup is one of their signature. The taste is more to sour and spicy, I literally love their soup and I easily addicting to the spiciness of Thai food.

Green Curry Chicken Rice + Thai Mango Salad.

At first when I try their green curry, it was not really spicy but the santan taste was really strong. But as I ate more of the green curry, the spiciness just more and more. This was the most spicy green curry I ever tasted. The chicken was tender and just nice.

If you are a green curry lover, you should try this! When you first taste it, you can just taste the sweetness of the santan but the spiciness is the after taste of the green curry. 

The Back design of the Bistro. It was really comfy and modern interior design.

Bangkok street design. The lamp inside is design with the street name at Bangkok.

I love this corner of design. Overall the food was really satisfying and affordable for a Thailand set meal. The chef are from Bangkok and that make Bangkok Beat Bistro another plus reason to be here. 

Bangkok Beat Bistro
LG32, Empire Shopping Gallery, 
Jalan Ss16/1, 47500, Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, 47500, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-5637 8488


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  1. so yummy!
    Hope you had fun, enjoy your day!