Hi beautiful, today I will be blogging about Blogging 101 Workshop that I went on 20th June 2015 at The Canvas, Damansara Perdana. It was a workshop that organize by The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers. I was really excited with this workshop as I wish to meet my bloggers friend in this workshop. 

We have 4 special speakers in this Blogging 101 Workshop. We have Termina as our Emcee of the day and Aaron our Comedian of the day.

Love their poster design. Simple and direct.

Registration start at 2pm.

The Canvas has this white wall that allow us to doodles whatever we want.

It was like a classroom and we are like students going for class. But this time is to learn more Blogger knowledge! 

Our Class start!

We have Tammy Lim, founder of the Butterfly Project Malaysia. She is the one who started this whole Blogging 101 Workshop. She is also a blogger from http://www.plusizekitten.com. She share some of the purpose of create this group of Butter Project Malaysia. Although she say she is nervous and having stage fright but she is way too cute though, haha.

We have Aaron Aw, comedy to brings laughter and fun in this workshop. It was really a fun time laughing together in whole group of bloggers.

Next we have Dee Leonard, PR Director of Bridges PR, been working 8 years in PR industry. He been speaking on the topic of quality content from PR. He is also a blogger from www.delicious.com. He been sharing many information on how to create a quality content, what to avoid in writing a post, what PR loves from us and other more.

Christopher Tock, co-founder and CEO of Social Grooves. I love his speech though, his point is really simple and direct to the point. He told us every success blogger start from Zero until they become Famous now. How can we be like one of the success blogger. Many bloggers is blogging the same product but what makes you stand out among all of them. 

First have to be creative in your content and be a niche among bloggers! Collaboration is the king of content. Best way is to help each other. I really love how bloggers help each other to grow together.

Lastly, we got Arpita,  Master in Economic Crime Management, Law & Psychology and also a beauty blogger from Singapore. She share her knowledge about blogger rights and what we should do if we encounter any problem with fake products. It was a good speech as we can learn and know more about bloggers right in writing a post.

We got Bloom This here in our wonderful Blogging 101 Workshop. Thanks for this beautiful corner and the flower they sponsor it was a pretty flowers. If you wish to get your flowers in delivery, do visit BloomThis. You will eventually fall in love with flowers!!

Today coffee and tea time we have Deliccia here catering for us. We have premium coffee cube from Aristo and handmade pastry prepare by Deliccia. I love their pastry and I was having chocolate milk as I can't drink coffee during evening period. 

Aristo Coffee Maker.

Aristo Premium Coffee cube. I love their mini size as it was really convenient to bring around. Each color represent different taste of coffee, it come together in a box if you would love to bring it home.

Not forget we got all Beauty Product from Tony Moly, a brand that I really really love!! Thanks for their love we got many lovely make up product from. Definitely will blog about as we got too many product from them. Not forget we even got Mr Lens for our contact lens too!

Some of the blogger's friend I meet during the workshop! I feel happy as I can meet them in person as I am not really active in Butterfly Project activities. But it just feel great when you are surround with people that have the same interest with you!

Left → Junci Sionghttp://juneci-siong.blogspot.com
Right → Nicole Yiewww.nicoleyie.com

We are so crazy and keep take selfie non stop.


Left → Jas Jas Teohhttp://missjasjas.blogspot.com/
Right → Rebecca Wonghttp://www.becky-wong.com/

Middle → Pinku No Sakurahttp://www.pinkunosakura.com/

Right  → Maple Shuhttp://ksh2772.blogspot.com/
Left → Tammy Lim Mamasanhttp://www.plusizekitten.com.

Overall I was really enjoy this wonderful workshop with all my fellow bloggers friend. Hope that we can grow and learn together in the future. I wish to have more of this workshop as we can learn more and learning is never enough!



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  1. Glad you had such a great time with them!
    I wish I can join you!

  2. hi, sharon!!! I saw myself inisde!!! athank you for featuring me, hope to see u soon!

  3. hello dear!! thank you for featuring me into your blog <3 love you and miss you so much :)

  4. Lol, I just noticed the post..it was super duper nice meeting you Sharon! <3