Morning lovely! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead. I was still busy in weekend especially Sunday. Today I guess I will be blogging, editing and maybe do some shooting at home. This blog I will share a little about this Rooftop Secret Garden at 1 Utama. 

I'm not sure if you all heard of this Secret Garden or went there before. So since we were thinking to have some shooting and I have not been to 1 Utama for months. We decide to come and visit this Garden. We did abit research because it was on the Rooftop but how to go up there? Where was it located? I don't even know 1 Utama have Rooftop? LOL

Haha! Even so, we really get lost though because we thought all the lift is able to up UR meaning Upper Roof. We know that we suppose to take lift near HSBC (info from 2012) but we saw the UR Lift we just went up and went up to the Sport and Outdoor Activities of 1 Utama. If you know where I mean, lol. We call the customer service of 1 Utama but nobody answer but the lift that Opposite HSBC is the correct lift. You will saw outside the waiting lift there are many plants and wall is deco with nature wallpaper. Immediately we know we waited at the correct lift.

The Garden was much bigger than we thought. It was free admission but need to register your name before you'll go inside the garden.

The Garden is South East Asia's Largest Rooftop Garden. With over 500 species of Rare Tropical and Temperrate Plants. Mostly the pants was written name and let us to know the name of the plants. There are few zones inside the garden and it was 30,000 Square Feet of Tropical ever green gardening.

I took many pretty photos in this Rooftop Secret Garden. Hence I will show all the pretty photos below till the end of my post.

It even has a fountain fall inside the Garden. Not only with all the green plants, it even has the water element inside this tropical secret garden.

Cactus in the most exposed sun area to survive.

Love this backdrop. Not sure what plant is this but it just caught my attention.

We went there around 1pm. Hence you can notice that the sun was on the top our head. The plants look extremely beautiful with the slightly reflection from the sun.

Its been some time I take Macro Flower shoots.

Can't tell you guys how much I love the Pavement design in the garden. You can watch in the end of my post I been recording along the pavement that I keep walking on it.

Favorite flower with blue sky.

Purple Blue flower. My favorite color of flower.

Each time when I saw this pavement, it just bring me excitement as I love to step on it and it just lead me to some new place that I can't wait to explore.


Flower or Me?

There are many colorful and pretty flower here! I was amaze with all these pretty flowers. It was not easy to grow a plant, especially plants that grow and turns out to a pretty flower.

Vintage and Dusty fence

This cute pond with the lotus leaf on it. 

Can't tell you guys how much I being amaze with all the corner in this Rooftop Secret Garden. The pretty flowers all just made my days. The nature plants just made me feel so refresh and relax with the green nature and water sound too from the fountain. Come and visit this lovely secret garden hidden among this busy City and Town. 

Watch my video how was this Rooftop Secret Garden looks like in a closer way to nature.

*Lift Opposite HSBC 
G floor Highstreet

 UR, Upper Rooftop Bandar Utama City Centre, 
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR, Malaysia

Hours: Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
10am - 10pm
Phone: +60 3-7710 8118
FREE Admission


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  1. Wow, I didn't go there before, thanks for sharing those lovely picture~~

  2. Oh very cute place

  3. Everything is so green!
    I'm loving it! So beautiful! xx

  4. this is such a great place! :D