Hi my lovelies, thanks for all the wishes that you girls wish for me. I was really happy and grateful for all the late wishes! Today post I will be blogging about DIY Nail Gel Art by My Vika Malaysia.

Ever wish to do your own Nail Gel Art by yourself or even by the your loved one. I never knew that it was so easy to DIY your own Nail Gel Art with My Vika Malaysia. My Vika is from Korean, design by Nawon Lee, a korean designer who passionate about nail art. She design many really pretty and chic nail art. My Vika even have their own Ultimate Nail Kit for your own DIY Nail Gel Art.

Vika High Tea Party
Venue: Jaya One Pop 
Date: 28th June 2015
Time: 2pm - 4pm

Designed by Cheryl with all the bling bling diamonds on Vika Graphic Nail Sticker.

Can you believe all these design are from My Vika Nail Sticker. The design is so Pop and Modern design right! It was so pretty and looks like a real nail art gel.

They even have their own Manicure Kit. You can manicure your nail before start apply nail polish! Vika provide DIY Nail Manicure Tools to save our time and cost doing in Nail Saloon.

Not forget, after applying you have a Removal Kit to remove your Nail Gel Polish.

We got this lovely Vika The Ultimate Nail Kit Series for our lovely High Tea Party.

We have lovely Cheryl to share with us more about Vika. If you wish to try Vika Nail Sticker, you can always come Jaya One Pop and look for her.

I love how Cheryl has design this High Tea Party, from the cupcakes, accessories and the setting of the table.

Everyone has the Vika Ultimate Nail Kit Series and Vika Graphic Nail Sticker. 

Vika Graphic Nail Sticker consist of 14 Pieces for Nail + 11 Pieces for Toe. It come with with 20 different design for now. There will be more nice design coming out soon!

I love both of the design! But sadly my outfit was more suitable with the pink nail art sticker.

Let's start with Vika Nail Tonic Strengthener before applying any nail product on my nails.

My after apply.

Guess who help me apply? My lovely boyfriend.

Next, is the time to apply Vika Graphic Nail Sticker. My design was more to pink pastel, with lovely stripes, word and love design.

I got my boyfriend help me to do again. The Vika Graphic Nail Sticker is really easy to apply. Find your suitable nail sticker for your nail. Lift up the arrow part of the nail sticker and hold it with your finger. Pull and Stick the nail thoroughly on your nails.

After Vika Graphic Nail Sticker, We'll have to use Vika Gel Nail Coat to create more long lasting and crystal look on our nail art. In Malaysia, only Vika is coming out with their own Nail Gel Coat. They will be launching their Nail Gel Polish soon!

After Nail Gel Polish, is a must to put under Ultra Violet Touch LED Light for 30 seconds to dry up the Nail Gel Polish. This super cute Ultra Violet Touch LED Light only can put 1 finger. This Ultra Violet Touch LED Light is made from Korea. With its mini and portable size, you can bring it any where you want!

Finally I done my Vika Graphic Nail Sticker Art. You can add on diamond and design the nail art yourself. Create your one and only nail art design! 

Love it so much my new nail art on my Birthday!

Group Photo with the girls.

Winner of the Best Nail Design.

With all my lovely bloggers friend. Everyone was really happy with their new Nail Art Design.

Lastly, I want to thanks Seeties for this super fabulous event! Audrey one of the seeties experts join us in this fun and wonderful Vika Nail High Tea Party too.

Our lovely pastel Vika Graphic Nail Sticker.

Happy Girls with her happy nail.

If you like what Vika is providing. 
- Easy Nail DIY that can be done by your BOYFRIEND or FRIENDS
- Easy Nail Gel Art that can long lasting for 2 - 3 weeks time
- Super CHIC and PRETTY Nail Art Design
- Pretty Environment for Nail Do

Please do support and visit Vika Nail Art at Jaya One inside Pop. If you like Myvika Page you will get 15% discount on Vika Products! Not forget to let you girls know, Myvika is having a upcoming event:

Best Friend Forever Vika High Tea Party (For PUBLIC)
Venue: TBC
Date : 1/8/15 2pm
Fee : RM128 for 2 person ( RM64 for 1)
Requirement Best friend (Female) 
Limited for only 14 people!!
RVSP through Myvika FB fan page.

Have fun joining girls! You won't be regret it.


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  1. Great post! I wish to be there , amazing pics and nails<3 have a nice day!
    Noora / www.noorajatuukka.blogspot.fi

  2. amazing party and amazing nail colours, you girls all look lovely with the cool and stylish nail art

  3. I can't remember when was the last time I painted my nails since motherhood knocked on my door lolx! But these are really pretty!!! Even better than "konad" (i think that's the korean nail art brand long long time ago) Will check this one out better! Thx

  4. Nice nail art and great party! Dream party for every girls isn't it?

  5. Not sure if my bf would be able to do this for me LOL but it's a good idea though

  6. Nice to get your BF to paint your nails .... real pampering & sweet session too!

  7. So nice. Regret not applying it.. Hmmmmmm.... Thanks for sharing your great experience.

  8. Wah bf doing pedi mani for you. You lucky girl! The nail kits above actually look super cute haha.

  9. Really pretty packaging and I love the rings in the photos!

  10. this is way too adorable!! looks like my kind of party!! i love getting my nails done when possible. the little LED light was the cutest LED light I've ever seen!! looks like you had a blast! xoxoxxo

  11. Wow it looks fun and your nails are so pretty!

  12. Their products looks really cute! great packaging too.

  13. You lucky girl! XD wished i was there too XD