Hi lovelies, another food review here thanks to James and Sue (from Eat at J's). This cafe is still new in town and open for almost 1 month for now. It was a hidden gem behind Taman Sea. Be sure to turn into Jalan SS23 to look for Eat at J's.

This corner is previously Sue's own shop doing their own business 8 years ago and after the business went down. Sue decide to learn pastry and expand her own pastry business. Although the place was quite hidden, but the advantages of already owning the shop is her daring act to open this new concept cafe. 

Eat @ J's

Sue been living for Melbourne before this wish to bring a asian fusian style of cafe in her area. She and her partner, Nicholas start up this new cafe with Melbourne theme design. Sue will be preparing the pastry, whereas Nicholas will be the chef of other dishes. Don't worry as they will be changing and updating their menus once a while according to customer request as well.

Wall was remain with the wash out acid grey color, bricks and painted with dark grey color paint.

Corner that full of Coffee stuff and acoustic guitar.

Not forget outside was painted with glossy wood paint. Smoking area outside.

Super love this brick of wall. They still remain the original wall design concept.

Overall inside look. Not really spacious space but enough for 2 or friends to be here for gathering or lunch.

Fresh Fruit Juice and Sparkling Fruit Juice.



Hot Chocolate

Cold Brew Latte RM12
Coffee beans was specially choose and brew by their own. 

Mango Fresh RM 10.50

The Tapping Tapir - Lemonade & Lengkuas RM10.50

Start our meal with Scramble Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Fresh Tomatoes serve on toast. RM16.90

Perfect meal for Breakfast with smoke salmon and egg on the toast serve. Toast was crunchy and not the hard kind of toast after it was cool for a while. 

In Eat at J's, they have many Eggs type that you want to serve for breakfast or brunch, On toast, Benedict and Salad. They even serve Big Breakfast too. If you are a Croissant lover, you can choose your breakfast meal with croissant too.

Real serving portion of the dish, Photo from Eat at J's.

Pumpkin Carrot Soup.

I always have some kind of affection towards soup. Pumpkin Carrot soup has been add into my favorite soup after Mushroom Soup. Slightly over taste of pepper. But texture was really thick and smooth. Barely taste carrot but carrot is to add some sweetness and seasoning flavor to the soup. It was a really full filling soup to kickstart our meal. 

Grilled Salmon on bed of Sauteed Spinach, Roasted Potato, Pearl Barley and Cherry Tomatoes. RM24

I love the grill salmon which is not too dry after it is grill. The skin is crunchy and tasty. I especially like salmon skin after its grill. This dish actually brings out different taste out with the small cut out of spinach, potatoes, barley and cherry tomatoes.

In Eat at J's they provided Lunch and Dinner starts from 12pm to 9pm. From the farm, they have chicken, lamb and beef too. From the sea, they served salmon and battered fish. Besides that, they have pasta and burger as well.

Real serving portion of the dish, Photo from Eat at J's.

Honey Balsamic Chicken with Mash Potato and Roasted Pumpkin and Green Beans on side 

My favorite dish of all. The chicken meat was cooked just nice, tender and juicy in the same time. Sauce of this dish was really special too. Can't really see the mash potato below the chicken. But the mash potato absorb the sauce to it and makes the mash potato have more taste than the chicken.

Aglio Oglio with Prawns, Olive Oil, Sauteed Garlic and Chili Flakes. 

The spicy taste is not really stand out or very strong. It does look abit dry but for me I can still accept. Whereas the prawns was really fresh though.

Penne Meatball on Tomatoes and Fresh Basil

Compare to the Aglio Oglio this Penne Meatball stands out even more. With the blend tomatoes sauce and fresh Basil, this dish looks more tempting and delicious. The meatball is specially handmade and in Eat at J's most of sauce and herbs is their own made recipe. So you can't surely taste it at elsewhere!

Lamb Roganjosh
This meal is one of their signature set, as their use their own spices to cook. This origin of this Lamb Roganjosh is from India. I love this dish so much, my second favorite of all. Lamb was my top favorite when it comes to farm animal meat. The Lamb was really tender and soft. The sauce was really appetizing and when you eat it together with rice. It taste really good.

This Lamb Roganjosh that is their #chefspecialfortheday and only available on Thursday. That comes with Set Lunch and Dinner. Their lunch and dinner set is always serve with rice and drinks that cost below than RM20.

Real serving portion of the dish, Photo from Eat at J's.

Spicy Deep Fried Chicken.
They use Chili Flakes to blend and marinate on the chicken. But the spiciness is not really spicy or stand out. Even if you are not a spicy lover, this was suitable for you too! It was really crispy on the outer and the taste was really special with a bit spicy, salty and sweetness in it.

You can't end your lunch without dessert! We have Chocolate Brownie with walnut on the topping. Did I mention that Sue baked her own cake and pastry in Eat at J's. She even baked icing customized cake for party and celebration. 

This brownies is not serve with ice-cream but only serve the cake itself. Looks dry from the outside but is not. It was still quite moist and spongy when you eat it. They have slightly thin crispy layer on top that I really enjoy eating it. I love chocolate and this brownie taste better than I think.

*The food portion that I show in my blog is only for food tasting purpose.

Eat At J's will continue their hard work in terms of food and pastry as well. I wish them all the best and I would to be there again with new yums. If you wanted to know what their #chefspecialoftheday, do follow their facebook page and instagram as well!

Eat at J's
Facebook | Instagram
No. 28, Jalan SS23/11, Taman Sea
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Working Hours: 9am to 9pm Closed on Monday.


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