Someone once said that, you may forget the place, but you will always remember you have share a good food with each other companion. I love this saying and its so true. That is TK Dong the owner of I am 80's. Former of Full House Executive Head Chef for Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Someone who is passion in cooking, I mean creative cooking, now has open his own cafe in PJ SS4.

It was my honor to attend this food review together with my blogger's friends. Thanks to Audrey I get to enjoy and know more about this cafe. I love this cafe so much and the boss too. They are humble and so passionate about cooking and serving the best to customer. If you say I am 80's is only for those who are born on 80's then you are definitely wrong about it. See through the pics below and you'll will understand what I mean by that.

I am 80's Cafe

Interior design was really awesome! Because when I first went in, I was thinking is this place enough for us to dine in. But to our surprise there is this underground cafe in I am 80's cafe!!

Childhood plastic rattan chair! Cable Spool was repaint and redesign and use it as table in 80's cafe.

Funny and cute soft pillow.

Quote of the day.

Every corner of the interior is nicely decorated. TK Dong told us that he always bought things that he wanted, he never think of what should he buy. Because who knows it could be use one day and create memorable memory with your friends.

It was such a cute wordings with wheels.

Minions invade.

After this I will be showing you guys the underground design of I am 80's cafe.

Stairs to the secret underground.

60's Time of electronics.

I love all these painting. Tk Dong bought it at Bangkok and it cost quite a fortune. But turns out the collection looks really cool and able to display here at I am 80's Cafe.

70's Bar Design.

70's Black Round Big CD

Rocking Horse. My Childhood favorite.

This corner is more to colorful 80's and 90's.

Cable Spool Table.

A cozy corner.

Menu - I am 80's Cafe.

80's Signature RM75 
Roast 1/2 Chicken, Onion Ring,12" Chicken Sausage, Fish & Chips, Sweet Corn, Hashbrown, Garden Salad, Pesto Bread. (Side with BBQ Sauce and Tartar Sauce)

This portion is HUGE and SATISFIED. We don't even finish it all among us. But it is definitely a good choice for a group of friend eating together. If you can't decide what to eat just order this 80's Signature. I bet you will surely find one of the food you like. 

Handmade sausages. Tartar sauce was really nice and appetizing. The sweet corn is sweet and juicy. Overall it was a satisfied dish for all. Sharing food together is really fun!

Smoked Duck Pesto RM18
Homemade Pesto Sauce, smoked duck breast and shitake mushroom.

I love this spaghetti, it doesn't look dry as it looks. The taste was just alright. It was one of my favorite Spaghetti so far. Because I am not a fan of spaghetti. But this have all my favorite sauce, smoked duck and mushroom as well. Western + Japanese style of spaghetti.

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Chop RM21
Chicken Chop, Garden Veggie, Roasted Potato and Black Pepper Raisin Sauce.

Perfect Grill and Charcoal grill is the best! Because it maintain the juiciness and tender of the meat. marinated sauce. I hate black pepper to much with the pepper taste as it will sometimes cover the taste of the chicken. But this black pepper sauce I love it so much, they have added raisin in the black pepper sauce to add on some sweetness to the sauce. 

Mix Berries + Dragon Fruit RM16

It was a bit more like Mojito mixing but it is without alcohol.

Apple Orange + Lychee RM16

Peach Mango + Magic Ball

Refreshing drinks and have fun biting the Magic Ball!

They have their own Frozen Fruit Smoothies that they personally mix it and create each other unique taste of each other smoothies. They provide it in a plastic bottle, so that if we are not able to finish the smoothies we can even bring it back home.

Frozen Fruit Smoothies.

Mushroom Soup RM9
Mix forest mushroom with thick cream and truffle oil.

It was by far the best mushroom soup I ever drink. The taste is just right, not salty with mushroom fragrance and truffle oil makes this mushroom soup even nicer. It just brings our the essence of the mushroom soup. The taste is just so tempting!

Caesar Smoked Salad RM19
With Spicy Wonton and wantan skin.

I miss the Salmon! Super fresh and yummy. I think I ate alot of the salmon until it left only with vegetables.


80's Brunch RM35
Sauteed Onion Potato, Garden Salad, Scramble Egg, Baked Beans, Smoked Chicken Ham, 12" Chicken Sausage, Hash Brown and baguette.

Bread was yummy, soft and not turn hard after it turns cold. Scramble egg was smooth and soft. I like their baked beans too! I love its been cooked aftermath it taste more delicious than normal beans you take out from the can. Despite we always have sauteed mushroom for brunch, in I am 80's they have their sauteed onion potato.

Childhood Drink. Right: Sarsi. Left: 80's own Cold Brew Coffee.

Let's talk about the coffee. It was so yummy and smooth taste. I addicting with it straight away. It was brew with Ipoh Black Coffee Beans. Tk said he know most cold brew was brew with all the foreign Black Coffee Bean. But he wanted to bring some Asian Cold brew taste.

We have traditional chicken bun and childhood Sarsi Drink. In Japan and Korea, the love to put their beer bottle inside the cup in this way. You can always pull out the bottle to let's the drink flow out when you have finish the drink in your cup. Works like refillable drink!

TK is from Sibu and Sibu was famous with this traditional pork bun. The filling usually using pork but TK use Mince Chicken. The taste really taste like pork and so yums! It was my first time eating it. The sesame on the bun and the mince chicken taste perfectly. The bun was crispy outside and soft inside. Recommend to eat it while it is hot as the bun will turn hard.

Lunch just doesn't end without Dessert. We have Dancing in the Pan!! The AWESOME ever and CREATIVE ever dessert in I am 80's.

The Bread that only can be found in country side of French. Top comes with ice cream that looks like Butter and we got Custard Cream and CHOCOLATE! How the name create by? Can't you guys notice the cream was POPing and DANCEing on the pan. Looks so interesting and the smoke keep coming out from a dessert. We were so amazed by this dessert and can't wait to taste it.

The Taste is incredible NICE!! The cold ice cream topping and the butter toast was match so perfectly together. The toast bread was soft and sweet butter taste. With the COLD ice cream and HOT pan that will cause the chocolate turns hot. Remember to eat it together from top ice cream to the bottom, so that you can enjoy both perfect combo of HOT and COLD in the same time.

Group photo time. Once again, Thanks Audrey and Tk Dong for this wonderful gathering and yummy food. I seriously love this cafe so much, makes me miss the food here too! I am sure I will be back here for more yummy food.


PS: There is still more interesting about I am 80's Cafe! That is every SECOND SUNDAY of the month, Their underground space is opened for all the dogs lover to bring their dog.

If you wish to book for special occasion, live band, pop market you can always contact I am 80's cafe.

I Am 80’s Cafe
35, Jalan SS4C/5, Taman Rasa Sayang, 
47301 Petaling Jaya.
03-7497 2846

Here's a video of this amazing place and FOOD! 


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