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[FASHION] How to Style Your Denim Shorts @ ZALORA Malaysia

Finally a fashion sharing post after a while, I have too many delay post until now I haven't post my OOTD post too. I bet every fashion lover will surely heard of ZALORA Fashion before. ZALORA is Asia's leading online fashion destination. I been a fan of ZALORA for some time too, I can guarantee that they have been selling really good quality cloths, accessories, shoes, and even bag. Even their customer and delivery service was so far the best for a Fashion Website.

ZALORA is Asia’s leading online fashion destination. They are the largest and fastest growing fashion focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. Founded in early 2012, we are present in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. They are now venture further into Taiwan, so stay tuned for ZALORA Taiwan. 

Offering an extensive collection of over 500 top international and local brands and designers, our customers can shop from thousands of products across men’s and women’s fashion apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty categories online. ZALORA offer a thirty-day free returns policy, speedy deliveries within 1-3 working days, free delivery over a certain spend, and multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery.

At ZALORA they believe your shopping experience should be easy and fun.

I love denim as its can create any style with it, you can almost any top and any shoes and I bet it just looks good no matter how you style it. Denim shorts are a must-have fashion piece too for women to add into their wardrobe at home. The reason is shorts allows us to look trendy every time we step out of the house and still makes us feel comfortable in our skin.  But to create your own style is really important too. 

If you are running out of ideas on how to style your denim shorts, there are a few easy tricks you can apply to make your denim short never go out of style. Follow these Denim Shorts style ideas and observe how it transforms your look.

Distress Denims + Chain Belt

Distress Denim + Chain Belt By sharonlove91 featuring ZALORA Malaysia

ZALORA shortsBelt

Tips No 1 - Power of accessories

Every girl should never underestimate the power of accessories as it can definitely help turn your plain look into something amazing. When you are wearing a pair of denim shorts, you can always slip on some multi-statement bangles on your wrist or even wrap a chain belt around your denim shorts. The tip is to always know which accessories to choose as the wrong one can definitely break an outfit. Do some research and have fun accessorizing your shorts.  

My style featuring white ZALORA Distressed Denim and Laviss Chain Belt from ZALORA Malaysia. I bet not everyone will think of wearing chain around our denim shorts. Its looks like the belly dance chain as well where you put it around hip. If you scare the chain might  make your look too fancy, you could choose something more simple like the Laviss Chain Bet. Gonna try this style in my next denim style.

Which Jacket You like?

Which Jacket You like? By sharonlove91 featuring ZALORA Malaysia

Tips No 2 - Loud Jackets do the trick

Jackets always make any outfit look gorgeous even on your lazy days. Throw on a plain t-shirt with your denim shorts and top the look with a loud jacket. Choose bright colors which gains others attention towards you or opposite for the classic leather jackets. 

Not sure if any of you girls that afraid of cold like me, because my body was quite weak and afraid of cold. So I always carry Jacket or Scarf with me always. But as a Fashionista, you would love to choose a jacket that you like and style with your look.

Here I choose 6 different style of Jackets, from Formal Black Coat to Casual Jacket. Inside I start with the most basic color of the top. I like this white top with the chain accessory design on the neck line. My favorite will be the Vest Jacket because it can create formal and casual look depends on how you style it, with denim shorts it just add on Casual and Chic style on your everyday look. 

The fall season is here, but not in Malaysia. But I have this love for Oliver Green Jacket, Drape and Casual cutting on the jacket. If you are petite girl and wish to show more of your leg, try choose Jacket that are longer than your shorts. To create the shorter denim shorts and longer outer look, it will let people thought that you are slimmer and taller.

Don't worry with the Same Top and Denim Shorts, change your Loud Jackets to create different look everyday.

Blouse + Denim Shorts

Blouse + Denim Shorts by sharonlove91 featuring ZALORA Malaysia

Tips No 3 - Look stunning with Blouses

Instead of matching your denim shorts with sweaters or t-shirts, choose to wear a nice blouse for a more feminine appeal. There are various blouse designs available you can opt for including printed ones, silky blouses and even plain cotton pieces. Pick a piece which reveals your mood and walk out feeling confident as ever. Mix the look by wearing a nice pair of high heels or boots for that complete fashionista style. 

Have you try wearing blouse with your Denim Short? I bet normal girls will just grab a shirt and sweaters and denim shorts. We always thought T shirts and Sweater is good enough to match with Denim Shorts. But You're Wrong!

Try Blouse, as blouse will give add some feminine and lady element in your looks with Denim Shorts. This time I separate to 2 different blouse look, with the formal Blouse Look and Casual Blouse Look.

If your Denim Shorts its just too plain, wear printed ones such as flower prints, or even vintage print to create different look that you want. Fall season is near and I choose the Mustard Yellow as my main color for this Blouse and Denim Shorts style. Is been my wanted try color too, with the Mustard Yellow Oxford shoes. Let's go for a walk in the Fall Maple Tree!

What's your denim?

What's your denim? by sharonlove91 featuring ZALORA Malaysia

ZALORA Collection Oversized Denim ShirtNew Look Denim Frill Bardot Neck TopZalia Oversized Denim Shirtf block Sleeveless Bow Denim ShirtZALORA Collection Oversized Denim Shirt

Tips No 4 - Denim on Denim

It can be match with any tops. I love how denim shorts can create different looks with any top you want, sneakers, plain t shirt, I mean anything. It makes your look so effortlessly and minimal. Denim on Denim is definitely something you can try with any denim shorts. Try go for light blue color with dark blue color denim color to create more contrast for whole look. 

You can even choose the same color for your top with the denim shorts too! I put 2 of the Denim Shorts to create different style with the Denim Top. Since Denim is all about Blue Color, try add more colors on your bags, accessories, shoes and even make up.

I choose color I like that is Black for a cool and stylish look and another is more to Brown for a cowboy and fall season look. Just like Denim Shorts, Denim Top can be wear for all season. Its never faded like Denim Shorts, can be comfortably wear at any wear you want.

Here is my 4 tips to style your denim shorts. Hope you guys can get inspired by my sharing. All of the Tops and Denim Shorts are all from ZALORA Malaysia. 

Happy Shopping Guys!



  1. Nice tips ^^ I do a agree with you to wear stunning blouse instead of sweater or t shirt ^^

  2. I seldom shop in Zalora.. But thanks for letting me know they got great variety to choose from!

  3. I am the big fan of Zalora too!! ^^ I always can get the quality product with reasonable price ^^ I like to the "Denim Group" ^^

  4. eh~~~ I thought I can see you pic donning in jeans? BTW, I like the one with the shorts and white plain tee that has a necklace attach on it.

    and totally agree with this statement " Since Denim is all about Blue Color, try add more colors on your bags, accessories, shoes and even make up."

    wonder how it looks like, haaha

  5. Hahaa denim on denim is my fave :P love your styling tips yo!

    Xoxo, FiSh @

  6. I love pairing denim with loud jackets or with accessories. It's a piece of fashion which will never fade with time :) Love your tips dear!

  7. Thanks for the tips. Now I know how to shop with my clothings at Zalora.

  8. I love shopping, I like denim too. Always look out on great sales to shop. Zalora I like shopping there too.

  9. I loved denim and the styling is great

  10. Thanks for all your tips on styling and matching. I hardly know how so this would come in useful!

  11. I like the denim on denim style !! Would have to try it out someday!

  12. thank you for the fashion tips, im a great fans of zalora ^^ looks like denim is everyone's favorite nowaday ya

  13. Denim has become this year trend. Everyone is wearing fashionable denim. I also go and grab my own denim. Will grab more from Zalora...:)

  14. Ya I start to wear denim last year too! It is easy to match on & fashionable as well ;)

  15. Well, know Zalora for years.... But but but... Never buy anything there! >< Should buy some through cybersale now.. hahaha

  16. after see ur sharing , it's time for shopping !! :)

  17. nice tips! thank you for sharing this! it's time to go shopping at Zalora! :D

  18. So many options! AHHH! Zalora has one of the best places to go online shopping. You can just find anything there :D

    1. Agree shopping in Zalora is making me broke TT

  19. Thanks for sharing this tips. I always like to wear short! This really useful to me :)

  20. i don't have much denim in my wardrobe at all, just realised that it's something in now. not so fashion conscious at all.

    1. Agree. Jacket always makes you look CGI. and classy.

  21. Thanks for sharing your styling tips, now I have ideas what to do with my new denim shorts :)

  22. thanks for tips sharing :)
    useful ...

  23. Zalora has one of the latest fashionable clothings for sale. Have actually shopped for my shoes previously last year.

    1. I agree with you! Always shop there once a month!

  24. Nice tips on styling dear. Zalora has a rather vast collection of labels and their clothing line is really great. Have had a few great options over the years, definitely glad to see that it has grown so well.

  25. I love shopping at Zalora, esp. they offer online shopping service that is fuss free. Most of my shoes came from this site.

  26. Very detailed styling tips! Agree that their in-house brands has quite a vast collection of nice versatile designs. My only concern is usually their quality control.

    1. Thanks Arisa! So far the item I bought don't have any of the quality problem.

  27. loving all the tips! :D all 4 styles are so me!
    now i can atleast match up nicer than my regular denimxtee lazy looks. hahahahaha

    everything magical

  28. I love all the outfit pairings you've put together! I feel you girl, us bloggers tend to have a backlog of post we have to post but we always procrastinate X)



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