Yo peeps, if you have been follow my instagram and other social media you would have know that I have been to the KLIC Fest last Sunday. It was my first time went to a comedy show. It was out from my expectation and I did learn a lot during the show. 

First of all I want to Thanks Tammy Lim for promoting this event and Christopher Tock for letting us enjoy this KLIC Fest with the Media Passes. Not forget my blogger buddy too, Juneci which I actually saw her comment appear in the post. I just got a click and decided to bring my bf along to this show.

I feel so grateful because I have an enjoyable Sunday with my loves one and my blogger buddy. Feels good to spend time with each other company, most importantly to be able to LAUGH all OUT together. 

If you like Stand-up comedy, improvisational comedy, comedy hypnotist and more, the BIGGEST International Comedy Festival in the region with over 60 of the World's Funniest Commedians from 14 different countries, over 8 days from 16th - 23rd September 2015 is coming to Malaysia. All your favorite comedy heroes are coming together for a eight day long, gloriously laugh-inducing, impossible to fathom COMEDY EXTRAVAGANZA.

Come and be a part of the history and have a great laugh while you are at it.

This festival is curated by none other than the Godfather of Malaysian Stand-Up Comedy, Harith Iskander. The KLIC Fest is Harith's BIGGEST and most AMBITIOUS Project to date and his dream is to put Kuala Lumpur on the International map of comedy by making this city a "MUST TO GO" event not only for comedians but also comedy fans over the world.

It was my great honor to meet Harith Iskander in person and to able to take photo with him too. I always seen him in TV when I am small. Now that I can meet him and hearing his Stand Up comedy live was one thing that I never been imagine. He is so friendly and looking cute though. Surprisingly I love his comedy show so much, I mean he is the Godfather of Malaysian Stand Up Comedy, how can I not proud to telling others about him?

There are ticket booths on the spot, but is encourage to buy tickets online. Since is Sunday, they are having this super grand Harith Iskander's To Know Malaysia Is To LAUGH MALAYSIA Gala Night at the only hotel - Manhatta Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hitel KL. The Daily Pass will be at RM108.

You can have the chance to watch 
Jarred Fell Comedy Magic - 3pm
Ong-als Babbling Comedy - 5pm
Harith Iskander's To Know Malaysia Is To LAUGH MALAYSIA Gala Night - 8:30pm

If you wish to watch for their Weekdays Show, you can buy their Daily Pass which is sold at RM98, where you can enjoy any of the 8 shows of the same day with the same pass.

Tickets and Booklets for KLIC Fest 2015.

We'll have our first comedian, Jarred Fell. He isn't just a normal Magician but he combines a fast paced razor sharp with his tornado like approach to Magic, Gore and Comedy that you can ever imagine. Jarred has been on the NZ Comedy scene professionally for several years now. He has performed in 4 previous New Zealand International Comedy Festivals and has sold out numerous seasons of shows. His style of comedy and magic had him touring all over New Zealang since 2009; performing, recording and entertaining at some of the top corporate events nationwide.

Can't tell you guys his MAGIC + GORE + COMEDY is way so amazing. It was kinda 18 + show but it mix up with his magic and hilarious act of his own. I was amaze of how he can pull of of his magic card show with all the hilarious comedy. Nevertheless we are really enjoy his show!

Group photo session with Jarred Fell.

Next up we have Ong-als Babbling Comedy from Korea. Back from touring and performing in sold out shows around the world, Ong-als will be bringing their slaptastically funny brand of humor here in KL. Despite being 100% Korean, this group transcends language and cultural barriers as they present their "Babbling Man Baby" Physical comedy routine.

I totally fall in love with their show. I can't keep laughing all the way with all their funny and acting humor action. Wearing the baby costume and hair in performing, it really hard to not to fall with their funny and cute performance. I love how they brings out the humor by acting and babbling out, that's make Ong-als show is for everyone, even children can just laugh all the way with Ong-als show.

Each of the members carry out different personalities in the show, synchronize with each other and makes this show out from our expectation. 

Not forget with their Awesome and Creative Beat Box performance is the highlight of Ong-als show! We were totally amazed and shocked with the talent of each of every member of Ong-als. How can they be so perfect for each other in making this show end with PERFECT LAUGH and ENDING. I'm so gonna miss them and wish to see them again in Malaysia.

Group photo with the all talented Ong-als member.

Selfie Huh?

After dinner, we are back and ready for the Gala Night. The main performance of the day.

The Gala Night, highlight of the performance is more Grand that I ever imagine. We have more seats and more lighting effect. 

In the night show, we have Harith Iskander as the emcee for the show. Besides that, this will feature the best comedians from the best comedy festival ever. They are coming together for one epic night of stand-up comedy. This show is simple too much to handle, this is the show to end all shows, This is the LAUGH MALAYSIA GALA NIGHT.

We have Barry Hilton, the old school comedian, Nazeem Hussain, an Australian comedian, Tom Rhodes from USA, Rex Navarrete - Filipino-American comedian, Paul Ogata from USA, Gina Yashere from Great Britain and Jonathan Atherton, Australian's finest Stand Up Comedians.

If you are fan of Comedy Stand Up Show, you will know each of them. My Favorite will be Paul Ogata, Gina Yashere and Jonathan Atherton. 

Through out the day, I can't stop laughing with all the show from KLIC Fest, I can say that Harith Iskander definitely makes this KLIC Fest a success in terms of arranging the shows, the venue, the date, the comedians from over the world and MAKING all the AUDIENCE LAUGH, bring happiness to the audience and share joy to all. Thanks Harith Iskander for this wonderful KLIC Fest, Tammy for promote and share this good show for us, Christopher Tock for the media passes so that I can able to enjoy the LOL moment with my loves one.

I learn that able to listen and understand English from different countries is really does challenging for me as I am a born Malaysia Broken English.

I learn that listening to different countries Comedy Stand Up Show can learn different knowledge about their country. But if your common knowledge is really bad like me plus I'm not reading newspaper also. It was somehow difficult to understand some of the joke.

I learn that laughing does make people feel tired also, I'm not sure whether is a compliment or not but is good though that you will be able to sleep through the night without insomnia.

After all, I was really enjoy my night. Although not able to continue stay until the end with my tired mind and body. But the fun and laughter that we have on that day, it will become a wonderful memory for us. I hope that this Stand Up Comedy will continue to shine out to the world and continue to share the laughter to people around the world.

KL International Comedy Festival 2015
Date: 16th - 23rd September 2015
1. Crackhouse Comedy Club KL at TTDI
2. The Bee, Publika Solaris Dutamas
3. White Box, MAP KL
4. Black Box, MAP KL
5. Manhatta Ballroom, Berjaya Time Square Hotel KL
Weekdays - Starts from 8:30pm 
Weekend - Starts from 3pm

For more details
Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival



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  9. Yes yes. I give a good review to the show too. Especially the Korean ong -als :) great show

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