Have you heard about KKBOX? KKBOX is Asia's leading music streaming service, was established in 2004 by a group of Taiwanese software programmers with a shared passion for technology and music. 

KKBOX Apps has their latest update that released in 10th June that allows users to download themes from the Theme Store via Settings to personalize their KKBOX experience. Examples of themes can be used are UK Fever, Doodle, Coffee Time and more. Only available for Mobile Apps.

[About KKBOX]

KKBOX, Asia's leading music streaming service, was estalished in 2004 by a group of Taiwanese software programmers with a shared passion for technology and music. With the support from more than 500 international major and local independent music labels, KKBOX features 20 million legal tracks, including the most comprehensive Asia-Pop music library, and is currently available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with over 10 million users.

KKBOX is committed to creating a truly immersive online music experience to users, and to empower artists and their music through technological innovation. With its advanced product technology, strategic vision and strong local partnership, KKBOX is aggressively expanding into international markets.

With KKBOX you can have unlimited music that you can ever imagine.You can have unlimited access to KPOP, Mandarin, Cantonese, JPOP, English, International, Malay songs and MORE!

Now when u subscribe and join KKBOX using Your Facebook Account you can have FREE 90 Days offer but it ends on 31st October 2015. If you want to try how KKBOX can let you access to music unlimited, do subscribe and become a KKBOX member NOW!

Provide your email address and password. 

Remember to download KKBOX in your mobile or desktop to have fully utilize each of their settings. WOWLA and you are done to enjoy the unlimited music with KKBOX!

KKBOX is the best place for you to get closer to your favorite artists, idols and friends. You'll be listening to what they listen to and even chat with them.

Ever wish to listen what your Idol or Artist like to hear? You can click on People and you can browse through the artist and just follow their song list. To enjoy listening to what your idol listen to!

KKBOX also running an interesting project called "Live Session". You can follow KKBOX for latest update and they will let you know which Live Session they are collaborated with which artist. They are some artist that are from Global and Local Artist too!

Explore home page with their latest new song.

Find out New Hits and What's Hot in many language you prefer, from International to Cantonese, Hip Hop, Classical Jazz and more.  There are total of 11 Genre from Language and Mood to listen too!

You can even choose what You May Like to listen, choose, and save to your own playlist so that you can always listen to it while you offline or even online!

Forget to mention KKBOX have came out a new concept to released playlist according season and even holiday. Conjunction with 31st August 2015, Malaysia's Independence Day and 16th September 2015 Malaysia's Day. KKBOX have came out with a Malaysia Playlist and a short introduce about 6 Reason that Why We Should Be Proud of Malaysian.

The Playlist conjunction with Malaysia's 58th Independence Day. 

Besides that another feature I like is the stations that you can choose according your preferable, I start to listen with Korean film and TV song. I fall in love straight, you can choose from any language song that you want and start to stream the playlist. Remember to save the playlist you like so that you can play it next time you want to listen it again.

Besides that you can choose playlist according your mood too, from Work Out Stations, Vacation, Chill to Hardcore Rock Station.

Thanks Seetis TAP and KKBOX Malaysia to let me have this chance to blog about my experience of using KKBOX and introduce this super cool music app to my readers. Received my KKBOX Sahur Box from KKBOX.

With their Bulan Ramadhan Playlist. You can easily play this playlist by scanning the QR Code.

And some of their Malay Cookies!

After I start to use KKBOX, I literally fall in love with this music apps with all the unlimited access to different language, different mood, different style of music in KKBOX. It was easy to access and FREE join with Facebook Account and with Merdeka Promotion they are providing FREE 90 Days Unlimited access too!

Besides that with KKBOX, you can share the music you listen to on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and basically anywhere. You can enjoy music via smartphone, desktop, tablet, or even download songs into your devices for offline listening. Upgrade as a premium member to enjoy a wide-range of exclusive perks. At KKBOX, it bring you the ultimate music experience!

What are you waiting for? Download KKBOX and ENJOY unlimited music access in your fingertip now!





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