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Einstein Cafe @ Jalan Sultan Ismail, Petaling Jaya

Have you heard of Einstein which the famous scientist in the world? Now we have a cafe that have the same name of Einstein Cafe! Fred not is not open by Einstein but it was just the same name. It was my first time to this cafe during last 2 month. So you might be wandering about the picture style and watermark was slightly different from my previous post.

This will be a short post of my cafe experience at Einstein Cafe. Although it was not my first top choice cafe in Petaling Street, but once a while you can visit here to enjoy your afternoon coffee or tea time here.

The word for their signature board is full with super bright light bulb.

I always admire lightning in cafe. They have really interesting of the hanging light bulb.

Chicken Chop (Rice + Sunny Side Up) RM 21

Nicely grill chicken chop. Slightly uneven egg yolk of the sunny side up. Since we have not take our lunch yet, so boyfriend order rice set for more fulling filling.

All Day Long Breakfast RM18

For my order I just wanted to try out their Breakfast set. All was nicely presented. I like they prepare salad as well, make sure to have healthy balance meal beside other dish. Sausage was nicely fried and hash brown as well. 

Food of the day.

Green Tea Latte RM 10

My favorite corner of this cafe was this green vintage wall. I have my previous shooting in the cafe too. I like the fresh green but yet the fade off green paint on the wall.

Others were with wooden chair and steel chair. When I step into this cafe, I love the vintage feel and the gloomy relaxing feeling here.

Opposite the green wall they have the yellow wall to create the contrast for the cafe.

Not forget they have their Everyday Special with RM 10 only. 

This cafe located same row with the Front Door cafe and near to Coffee Amo. It was an upstairs cafe too. If you find other cafe might be too crowded and need some quite time and relaxing time for yourself. Einstein Cafe might be a good choice for you.

58, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+60 12-363 6004

10:30 am – 9:00 pm



  1. wow I really like the concept and decoration of this Cafe, it also has interesting name ^^
    I really love this kind of cafe ^^

    Tori Chu

  2. Wow, this place is really amazing! (:
    Nice blog, dear!

  3. Jalan Sultan Ismail? Wow! near my office la...the deco so minimalist but still have that comfy feeling but the food look nothing outstanding. I think need to try personally only can judge la..

  4. With a name like Einstein, should have used a more scientific way of presenting their meals and drinks. Like in Beakers and all that... Isn't really that expensive to make replicas of those for food consumption.

  5. look like so retreat ! simple n comfort cafe . should try it out!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Their food portion looks big enough for me.
    Like the ambience especially the antique clock hanging at the wall.

  8. food food.. lovely food. simple but delicious
    make me hungry again.. oh nooooo

  9. Nice place it seems! Must visit when in KL

  10. nice place to dine and food looks great. Should check there soon.

  11. Ohh.. I love the interior deco. The price seem reasonable too. Will check out here soon.

  12. Nice decor, Instagram friendly ! Will.check out the place

  13. Their green tea latte nice? Nice ambient wei~

  14. Looks like a nice little cafe. The green tea latte looks yummy!

  15. I can't keep tab on the many cafes that are mushrooming. The food looks wonderful, though. Worth a visit!

  16. The portion is big also . Seldom go until sultan Ismail for dinning due to Jam. But this place attract me. Can try it if I drop by Sultan Ismail area. Thanks for sharing

  17. Oh no.. for preggy mommy lIke me of course I can eat all of those especially with the egg yolks !. Would like to check this place but I wonder is it halal or not

  18. Oh no.. for preggy mommy lIke me of course I can eat all of those especially with the egg yolks !. Would like to check this place but I wonder is it halal or not

  19. Oh no.. for preggy mommy lIke me of course I can eat all of those especially with the egg yolks !. Would like to check this place but I wonder is it halal or not

  20. I love how the place looks really rusty. Wouldnt mind trying it out. Will definitely keep this in mind when i happen to be around Petaling Street.

  21. Such a hearty food platter and love eating it. Restaurant looks really nice and i think must try to eat here.

  22. The place looks vintage and I like to try their Chicken Chop with Rice + Sunny Side Up. The coffee looks addictive too.

  23. Definitely look like a very pretty vintage place and one would adore taking instagram pics here.... the food looks nice too and I won't mind trying them

  24. I remember your shoot there. The everyday specials attract me but Petaling Street and it's parking prob..hmmm

  25. The plating is very generous and although I have to yet come across this place, it looks good :) Will drop by if I am around the area.

  26. The sausage in all day breakfast is attract me! Gonna cook sausage now to fix my cravings lol

  27. The name is the first thing this cafe attracts me. I seldom going to KL eh. Somemore that place can be very jam. =(

  28. Oh my! their food looks mouthwatering! ... wondering if they serve beef, I'm a serious beef fan :P

    do drop by... GreenStory

  29. The layout of the cafe is very old school style :) Sure to bring back the nostalgic memories. The food looks great too!

  30. Perhaps I should give this restaurant a try, like the retro ambiance too :)

  31. I like this cafe of its retro feel of decoration, very unique and comfy, been there once for an art exhibition, have not really tried their food. Cheers,

  32. The place looks comfy and the ambiance seems very laidback. Love the food selections, so yummy!

  33. What a unique name, it must be a very 'smart' cafe :D.. hehe

    beautiful shots of the photos too!

  34. I like the presentation of the food.. The cafe looks uniquely nice..


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