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Japanese Softserve Ice Cream @ P.S. Tokyo, Petaling Jaya SS2

A new Japanese dessert shop open in the busy town of SS2 - P.S. Tokyo.

P.S. Tokyo has their opening on the 4th October 2015. I was proud to be invite to their Pre launch on the 3rd October 2015. Maybe you guys will wonder about the name origin. Why P.S. Tokyo? What does the P.S. stands for? According to Patricia the owner of P.S. Tokyo,  P.S. refers to the Latin post scriptum, an expression of “written after”. Be it words, sentence or paragraph, what is usually written after the end is so important that it should not be excluded. This is the type of encarved experience they wanted their customers to have at the end of every visit.

P.S. Tokyo was easy to locate in the busy town at SS2. It was same row with the Police Station and the only upstairs cafe with see through big glass window facing the busy traffic at SS2. 

I love how the see through big glass that stands out among all the building. To give a similar authentic experience, they created an interior resembling a cozy and quiet minimalist cafe facing the busy traffic at Omotesando. Although we might need some time to search for the place, but after knowing where it locate it was actually easy!

P.S. Tokyo is giving a unique Japanese experience on top of serving quality Japanese desserts and drinks.

Artistic Japanese Signboard welcoming us in the front door.

Not sure what's P.S. Tokyo have? Here's the topping for their Famous Soft Serve Ice Cream and slowly scroll down to my post. RM 3 for each of the Toppings.

Cakes are ready to serve!

Interior design of the whole place. With minimal and simple wooden table hand made by local. The whole place comes in Black, Grey and Wooden color theme. I like how they makes this cafe looks simple yet gives the comfortable and relaxing ambiance to enjoy our desserts and cake.

The big glass window facing the traffic is a good place to pose and enjoy desserts. Especially soft serve ice-cream and cakes at P.S. Tokyo.

In collaboration with Play Booth Co., P.S. Tokyo currently have an Instagram Print counter where customers can get their instagram pictures printed automatically once they post a picture with the hastag #pstokyo. Check out #pstokyo hashtag on instagram and you will find pictures of customers having a good time with the Hashtag print! 

If you wanted to get your instagram awesome moments at P.S. Tokyo printed out, head over to P.S. Tokyo and remember to #pstokyo to get your instagram picture printed out automatically. Do it fast because there was no mention when this P.S. Tokyo Instagram Print will last. As the HashTag print is offered FREE of Charge for now.

Is time for some enjoyable tea time with yummy delicious cake. P.S. Tokyo is currently operating with a very simple menu consisting of 4 types of cakes with Japanese elements such as Tofu Cheesecake, Sesame Tofu Cheesecake, Matcha Milk Chocolate Cake and Soft Cheesecake.

Matcha Milk Chocolate Cake RM 13.90

Since I am lover for Matcha, I love this cake as well. The top layer is layered with rich milk chocolate, middle layer is with matcha cake. I was really delight with the taste of how this cake brings out the Matcha flavor because it was my first time trying out Matcha flavor cake. If you want to try some fresh and matcha taste cake, you can always try this.

Tofu Cheese Cake (Sesame) RM12.90

When I first heard the word Tofu Cheese Cake, I was really curious how's the taste really like. The texture is really bouncy and smooth. I was really surprise about the texture that this cake create, the texture was really same as the tofu texture. Super soft and melt once after you eat it. Added with some sesame flavor it actually give extra flavor in the tofu cheese cake.

Tofu Cheese Cake (Original) RM12.90

My favorite among all the cake. This cheese cake have the combination the freshness and richness of the cheese and with the smooth texture. If you are not a fan of sesame flavor, you should try their Original Tofu Cheese Cake. The texture is way too smooth and soft. It was the best cheese cake I ever tasted!

Wonder what's pour out from the small cute jar, it was the ginger brown sugar. I was amaze by the combination of ginger brown sugar and the Tofu Cheese Cake create. Even for a girl like me who hates ginger love the ginger brown sugar that gives some extra savory of this combination.

P.S. Tokyo now is serving 3 major type of Japanese tea - Matcha (Green Tea), Hojicha (Roasted Tea) and Genmaicha (Rice Tea); unique Japanese filter coffee of light, medium and strong blend and soft drinks such as Banana Milk, Lemon Drink and more.

Light Blend Coffee Drip | Mild Blend Coffee Drip | Bitter Blend Coffee Drip RM 5.90

It was really cute to see all the red cup with the Coffee drip. 

Pretty and friendly boss is serving the hot drinks to us.

There was total of 3 blend flavor of the Coffee Drip, from light, medium and strong blend coffee flavor that you prefer.

For tea lover out there, P.S. Tokyo do provide 3 types of tea. 

Matcha | Hojicha | Genmaicha Tea RM 6.90

Have a really fun session here at P.S. Tokyo with all the other bloggers.

Bridemaids photo that we took.

Awesome instagram moment at #pstokyo.

Now here's come P.S. Tokyo signature Soft Serve Ice Cream in town.

Patricia will do some demonstration for us.

I love love their Soft Serve Ice Cream that they serve in P.S. Tokyo. Their signature product which should never be missed is Matcha and Hojicha Softserve. They are using one of the best matcha and hojicha ingredients from Uji, Kyoto to give authentic flavour experience. 

Matcha Soft Serve (Mini) RM 6.90
Matcha Soft Serve RM 9.90

The texture of the soft serve is really soft and smooth delicate taste of Matcha flavor. There was no milk replacement and premix were used during the creation. You can taste the rich premium taste of the Matcha in this Soft Serve Ice Cream.

Hojicha Soft Serve (Mini) RM 6.90
Hojicha Soft Serve RM 9.90

Another flavor that I really love is the roasted Japanese green tea. Where I first time tried out this flavor, the roasted blend Japanese green tea taste was really appealing after I tried it. I immediately fall in love with the taste when I first taste it. If you wanted to try something new flavor of Soft Serve, you can always go for this flavor.

Not forget to mention P.S. Tokyo will be coming out with Milk Soft Serve. Too bad we didn't manage to try it but is a good reason to come here again!

Not forget that we have a empty space for all the instagram photo printed from P.S. Tokyo.

I have a good news for you guys!

P.S. Tokyo is now giving away free mini soft serve when you check-in on their Facebook Page

*while stock last*

There will be plan of menu expansion in the future to offer more Japanese taste to tantalize your tastebuds such as brewed coffee of fresh charcoal roasted beans from Japan, Matcha Latte and many many more. One of the highlight in the menu expansion has got to be the introduction of unique soft serve flavours. 

I was really excited about their new menu and coffee coming up next. I definitely back here again for more OISHI Soft Serve and Cakes.

P.S. Tokyo

80a, Jalan SS2/60, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hour: 
Wednesday to Monday 
(12pm to 12am / 11pm last call)



  1. OMG those cheesecakes sounds so so good! A bit pricey for a slice but I so must try it at least once. I like how brightly lit and very Japanese the entire place feels, confirm everywhere is an OOTD opportunity!

    1. I miss their cheesecake already TT Yeah I agree I did take alot of OOTD there also XD

  2. yeah...nice cafe. sure will pay a visit when i visit ss2!!

  3. OMG, Coffe and Cake is my favorite! Place looks nice and comfy, nice to having teatime with friends.

  4. Omg green tea fan like me will go gaga hahaha! I want all of them especially the matcha milk choc cake

  5. Love this so much. @Janet Wong, sure we go and try this... Thanks for sharing this lovely cafe

    1. No worries Betty! hope you like the cafe as well =D

  6. look like a nice place to chill out with love ones! like the deco

  7. I think I nampak butter cookies in a jar... that's really my fav !!

    1. haha! That's for topping for the soft serve =D

  8. My favourite, Macha and Sesame ice cream were there. Must drop by there already to try it out. Yummy...

  9. great photos dear, that looks like an edgy place!

  10. Let's go there and have fun again. Taking lots of lots of photos. :D

  11. I know what P.S. stands for but why Tokyo? This looks like a Western cafe so maybe it should have been P.S. England? :P

  12. The cake there looks cute especially the sesame favor tofu cheesecake.
    Coffee lover would love to try their coffee! I believe I will take a lot of photos too. ;)

  13. yes, be here again for their milk flavour softserve!!

  14. OMG would like to try out everything there! Looks so pretty and nais! :D

  15. The cheesecakes look really good :) The space is gorgeous too - pictures are well taken :)

  16. Awesome place to chill out with friends and family. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Everything looks so good! Your photography is excellent!

  18. thanks for this sharing. gonna enjoy their cheese cake, then have a free mini soft serve & free Instagram photo printing :)

    1. Yeah you should! You can draws at there too =D

  19. The cake presentation is nice to take picture with the wood table and natural light! Another hangout cafe again in SS2 area can visit.

    1. Yes I agree, I love the lightning was so nice!!

  20. wow really nice photos! It's quite near to my house too. THis cafe was opened by one of the bloggers is it?

  21. I fall in love with their Matcha Milk Chocolate Cake!
    and it's so near to my place! Hopefully I've chance to visit them!

    1. Go and drop by when you free dear, wont regret!

  22. Perhaps I should give this restaurant a go, the foods really look delicious :)

  23. you're kidding me, the food looks too good to be eaten la. I can admire the cheese cake whole day. :P

    1. Haha you should XD take photo also for me to see XD

  24. ahh really missed this event congrats to Pat for opening this amazing cafe really hope i can try it one day.

  25. love ur photography ... color and design make me feel warm ;)

  26. Omg.. love the ice cream. Nice decor and the place looks great

  27. Oh My, I love your photo colour. Did you edit them before? The exposure is so warm!

    Read on my latest blog post: Favourite home cooked food and Penang local food

    1. Yeah I did edit the color! Thanks for your loveee =D

  28. What a fantastic venue. The desserts are to die far. And I like the chill ambiance.

  29. Great photos. You really have a knack for this. Tofu cheesecake sounds interesting; I'd never thought that tofu can be made into a cake, much less with cheese. I'm not a tofu kind of girl, but I really want to try some just to see what it tastes like. I guess you have achieved you mission then. Good write up and keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thanks Angelynn for your kind comment! Come and try and it will definitely not going to FAIL you!!!!

  30. All the photos are so great, makes me feel hungry....
    I want to try their matcha milk chocolate cake and matcha soft serves...


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