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Be a Pink Lady with BioGreen

As a Lady it is not only important to be able to maintain the outer look of our skin but inner body beauty is really important too. But both are equally important for all the ladies out there. It is important to maintain wellness of our body, such as stay fit, eat healthy and exercise more.

 Today I will blog about this Pink Lady Oatmilk from BioGreen. A good way to maintain wellness and stay healthy by drinking this Oatmilk. It was my new love now every morning I drink it as my Breakfast drinks. 

Pink Lady Oatmilk contains 10 types of natural unrefined grains, beans and nuts where the oats are certified organic by NASAA. In addition, it contains beetroot for rosy skin complexion and healthy blood circulation with no sugar added. 

I fell in love with the pink packaging of Pink Lady Oatmilk. I bet Pink was somehow every girl favorite colour. Beetroot also comes in Pink colour too. That’s one of the sources of the nutrients in this Pink Lady Oatmilk.

Pink Lady Oatmilk is suitable for Man and Woman too. With No Preservatives, No Colouring and No other Flavourings but only contain many organic and healthy nutrients. 

Pink Lady Oatmilk contains 10 Big Ingredients which are 10 grains – As complementary proteins; provide body with all the essential amino acids.

10 Grains that are in Pink Lady Oatmilk was
-          Organic Oats
-          Buckwheat
-          Mung Beans
-          Black Rice
-          Red Lentil
-          Black Soya Beans
-          Soya Beans
-          Red Sorghum
-          Wheat Berries
-          Barley

Beetroot is one of the ingredients that contains Betanin which has been proven to fight both skin and liver tumours. Good source of iron and folic acids to increase blood count, reduce menstrual pain & menopausal syndrome, promote healthy blood circulation and rosy skin complexion.

The Nutrition Fact of Pink Lady Oatmilk.

The sealing of the packaging was well seal. Do not need to worry about the packaging when you buy from BioGreen website.

The real color of the Pink Lady Oatmilk will be on the top picture. The colour was slightly in pale pinkish colour as they have the colour of Beetroot and 10 healthy grains.

I always grab a cup of Pink Lady Oatmilk before I go to work. I can easily feel satisfied and feeling full after drinking one cup of Pink Lady Oatmilk.

Suggested Serving of Pink Lady Oatmilk

Take 2 tablespoons (25g) and mix with 250ml of warm water. Stir well and ready to serve.

Lastly, Pink Lady Oatmilk is recommended for busy working individuals and students, Malnutrition, Anemia, Skin problem individual, Constipation individual. It was really effective for me as I always have less fruits and vegetables intake and having bowel movement. This Pink Lady Oatmilk comes just in time to help to solve my problem.

You can purchase Pink Lady Oatmilk from BioGreen website. They are having promotion in their website too. If you buy 2 Tins Pink Lady Oatmilk will get FREE 1 Pink Lady Non-Woven Bag + 1 Pink Lady Towel OR 1 Pink Lady Designer Soap!




  1. We are eating unhealthy food outside nowadays. We need healthy and convenient drinks like Biogreen Pink Lady in my opinion.

  2. interesting drink... good if you want to try eat clean .....

  3. I have a guy friend who has been drinking this too....looks like a very good and healthy drink for breakfast

  4. As healthy as it sounds, im not a fan of milk based drinks :( I'll stick to a healthy diet of fruit and veggies :p

  5. I've tried the sample for this drink before. It taste really good and great to provide us the nutrients we need

  6. untuk ape eh tepung ni untuk kecantikan ke macam mane ?

  7. nice got free coupon lagi! it's really healthy drink, yet the taste is absolutely good!

  8. Wow, the drink is really pink. Hahah. At least its not strawberry, beetroot is so much better cos strawberry has always reminded me of Anti-biotic medicine...

    1. Yeah it is really pink! I agree on what you say hahaha strawberry sometimes does taste like anti biotic med haha

  9. A good nutritious food to substitute out unhealthy diet. I am taking thier soy bean powder and am loving it :) will try this once my soy bean runs out :)

  10. I want to try this too!! I think this is suitable for me.. :D

  11. wow so pink wanna try this.
    Can tell me how is the taste like?

    1. The taste is quite milky and feel really full filling after drinking it =D

    2. I've tried this one. Not bad. Taste like milkshake.

  12. I've come across BioGreen products before but don't remember Pink Lady. This looks like something I should try. Thanks for recommending.

  13. wow. first time seeing a pink oatmeal! how much is per tin?

  14. Will try it soon and it looks nice. Great for health.

  15. I try the sachet one, it taste quite nice and good for health too.

  16. The ingredient inside is very healthy and good for girl, by the way the pink colour make me like strawberry flavor, hahaha

  17. I have heard about this product from my colleague too, but have not try it yet myself :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  18. I like the product as I consume it. Taste nice but my bf dun like the taste

  19. I have been hearing so much good reviews about this Pink Lady Oatmilk, would like to try it out too :)

  20. i drank this while i was pregnant haha. but it does taste ok and good for nutrition.

  21. I like this too. Drinking it everyday now

  22. this healthy grain look so nice in packaging . should try it as nutrition later.

  23. i want to be a pink boy .. :P

    nice, i'm still stuck with my quaker oats every other day.

  24. Wish to try this too as I'm always having malnutrition problems due to my busy schedule :( no budget though..sigh


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