Happy New Year 2016! Can't believe time passes so fast and 2016 is here already. 2015 definitely have the most Ups and Down year for me. But regard whether the worst and unhappy things had happen in my life, there is always the BEST and HAPPY moment in my life. I shall write a post about things happen in my life for the year 2015. 

One of the BEST things in 2015 is I was really honor to have been the first batch to visit Hello Kitty Go Around for their opening launch on 19th December. 

Woots I know School Holidays is going to end in 3 days. But Fred not you can always enjoy your weekends till the max and plan your day to visit Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia at Viva Home Expo.

Hello Kitty Go Around

Date: 19th December 2015 - 19th January 2016
Venue: Viva Home Expo Hall

Hello Kitty Go Around in Malaysia is a prestigious event, held for the first time in Malaysia.

2 little Sanrio Character in the main entrance.

The Map of Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia. Does it looks excited enough to start the our journey to Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia. The whole setting of Hello Kitty Go Around is a Carnival Setting, where you can meet Hello Kitty(if you're lucky!) and take part in interactive games and activities.

Here we Go!

When you first walk through the entrance you will saw this beautiful Hello Kitty Merry Go Round. There are total of 4 of these, which I love all of them but personally love the pastel blue and pink.

Photography Area - Merry Go Around

You can take photo here with your camera or their own camera and purchase it with a special edition photo frame. I got myself 1 too! Too cute not to own it.

Game Booths - Tiny Chum Ring Toss

As simple as toss the ring over the Tiny Chum and bring them home.

Introducing varieties of game inside the carnival, Hello Kitty fans stand chances to win away exclusive - themed prizes. You could try to save the goldfish from Ogawasameo that swallow everything in one gulp at "Save the Goldfish". Fans can also cheer for the Sanrio babies who will be racing against each other and guess which Sanrio baby will win the race at "Sanrio Baby Race"

Not only with the games booth and workshops around, there is also many attractions area for the fans the golden opportunity to capture the memorable moments at all the photo attraction areas.

Hello Kitty Fashion Catcher gives fans the chance to go through Hello Kitty's wardrobe and experience the change in the fashion sense over the years. The Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel is definitely another catchy attraction to hunt for. Besides, Hello Kitty Memory Garden showcases the collection of Hello Kitty's memorabilia. There are more to Explore and gonna spam all the photos I haven't take during my visit!

Photography Area - Hello Kitty Memory Garden

In the Memory Garden, gathering all the good old pieces of unforgettable moment with Hello Kitty.

When we went in we saw this beautiful fountain of Hello Kitty Statue on top. During this whole visit to Hello Kitty Go Around, My boyfriend helps me to take photos around the place. So you will gonna see many of my poser photos in every corner.

Sorry for the poser mode on

Beside the Hello Kitty Memory Garden, there is Hello Kitty Go Around Cafe where you can enjoy snacks and rest.

Game Booths - Save the Goldfish

Be a hero or heroine today and save as many gold fish as you can and ONE of the Exclusive prize is belong to YOU.

Photography Area - Sanrio Friends Express

Sanrio Friend Express has been taking us to different fantasy journeys over the years. How many stations have you been to?

With Keroppi.


and Hello Kitty, the main character of the day.

Love this photography area. At first I was quite reluctant to sit inside because the space was quite small la. But just enough to have me on and really can stand not to take photo with each of the Sanrio Character within the years.

Way Out and Inside the control room we have Joey the Mouse.

Workshops - Hello Kitty Post Office

Come and visit post office to get a Hello Kitty theme postcards and a local stamp by using a game voucher. You can also write your Beloved a postcard now with the Hello Kitty Go Around exclusive post mark and deliver your love and greetings to them.

Opposite the Express we have Post Office!

Hello Kitty Stamp.

All the post cards can be change by using game voucher. So cute to collect them all.

THIS! I was totally fall in love in all these exclusive STAMPS from Hello Kitty Go Around. I ask the people in charge but is not sure whether is it can buy from them. 

We got Police here!


As mention earlier you can write and deliver your postcard through this letter box. They collects daily from 10am, continue on by 2pm and last collection hours will be 5pm.

Bus Stop Photography area we have Badtz-maru.

Game Booths - Sanrio Baby Race

Reach the Check Point within the limited time to and that exclusive prize is belong to you.


Game Booths - Ichigoman Alliance

In this game, you must help Kitty to differentiate the different colored balls to assist Kitty to go further! You will be given a tool with the capabilities to absorb the balls and you must catch the balls that fly out with the basket on your back.

Photography Area - Hello Kitty Fashion Catcher

Guest can go in to the Claw machines to take photos with a lot of Hello Kitty dolls.

To be truth I only know that we can go into the claw machine to take photos after my visit. 


Workshop - Apple Temple

An apple-themed temple is filled with luck and blessings. Challenge today for a chance to get and e-ma to write down your wishes.

Love the photo take in front of the Hello Kitty Lantern.

Apple Shape E-ma super cute!

Trying my luck.

Love this peaceful Hello Kitty Statue in Japanese Kimono and doing the prayer.

The temple area was a curve shape area and you will find the flower shop props opposite.

Another Photograph Corner Hello Kitty Go Around Flower Shop.

Workshop - Design Shop by Dear Daniel

To make yourself a one of a kind Tote Bag with the Special Hello Kitty emoji or alphabet stamps of your own.

Kids love this activities and definitely not a easy things to do. But you can have your one and only Tote Bag, so just give it a try to design your own Tote Bag.

The stamp model.

You have cute Daniel in front of the workshop too. Each Totes cost RM28, that includes One Tote Bag + Four Stamps + Hello Kitty Limited Edition Badge. You can add on RM3 for 2 alphabet stamps of your own choice or ONE Hello Kitty Emotion Stamp or Hello Kitty Go Around Stamp of your own choice.

A Worth Photography Area in this small corner. With the only Red Background and this Cute Hello Kitty from Hello Kitty Go Around! 

Game Booths - Lucky Ribbon

Hello Kitty's Ribbon is painted with beautiful color. Toss the coin at the Lucky Ribbon to win a cute gift.

Opps not my luck.

Game Booths - Papa's Reading Room

Put newspaper on the catapult. Adjust the direction of the catapult. Deliver the newspaper to the specific area on the windowsill or above the mailbox to win.

Spot this Hello Kitty Candy Shop with all the sticky sweet.

Feeling like collecting their packaging because it was so cute and limited edition only from Hello Kitty Go Around. The Sticky sweets is their normal design but for Hello Kitty definitely only cute shape is allowed.

Photography Area - Origami Mimmy

Mimmy enjoys making craft. You won't believe that what she can create with just a piece of paper. Mimmy transformed the Sanrio characters into miniature. Even Pom Pom Purin is now in mini, but actually his dream is grow bigger.

Plan your visit to this corner as you can saw many Paper Origami of all the Hello Kitty and Friends in this corner. 

Popcorn and drinks for some light snacks before you continue your visit.

Hello Kitty Go Around Sanrio Cinema. At first we was reluctant to went it, since we thinking should we get like movie tickets to go in. But the Pic say no, so here we go.

Hope it does not disappoint you since we mainly saw this 2 worth area for photo taking only is inside the Sanrio Cinema. 

Poster for the movie. 

Coming out from here after the Sanrio Cinema.

I was really excited on that day and keep thinking what should I wear to Hello Kitty Go Around, and since the main color of the Hello Kitty wearing is mainly Blue, Red and White. My #Sharonootd of the day.

Workshop - Hello Kitty 5D Workshop

Introduces the latest simple DIY diamond painting suitable for elderly and children which helps in releasing stress, emotionally adjust and cultivate patience and at the same time can be used for decoration purposes.

Kids definitely enjoy this most. But for adults like me I find it quite difficult since it definitely test my patience of doing this.

Not to forget Time to SPEND $$$$$$

I find this figurine worth for collect! Limited Edition only from Hello Kitty Go Around RM70++ each.

Redemption Counter and Game Voucher Counter you will see if after the Apple Temple. 

Rules & Regulations. RM12.50 for a Game Voucher.

Lastly the Photo Shop Station for you to print the photo that you took at Hello Kitty Go Around with their camera. We got ours too, RM58 for the photos and the Limited Edition Hello Kitty Go Around Frame.

Lastly after with all the wonderful and awesome moments that I get to spend at Hello Kitty Go Around, is time to say Goodbye. Exit was near to the Photo Station which I feel quite inside and not noticeable.

The main stage of the Hello Kitty Go Around that you can saw the performance from the dancers and even Hello Kitty Meet and Greet Session here!

Picture with this Amber Chia, Malaysia Model, and NTV7 Artist. Feeling so short taking photos with them. 

Lastly end my post with this super coincidentally photo with Hello Kitty. It was really such a great honor and experience to be able to visit Hello Kitty Go Around and meet Hello Kitty in person. Thanks again for the invites from Hello Kitty Go Around and able to be the first batch to visit this place. 

Oh ya, another info for you that there is another photography area and ticket counter at the Ground Floor of Viva home. That is the Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel where you can take pictures with friends in front of Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel to capture this special moment.

I didn't manage to spend a lot of time or even hours here at Hello Kitty Go Around because I need to go other places after this. So I didn't manage to play the games in each of the Game Booths. I try to arrange my pictures accordingly where I start from until the exits. But there will be some minor changes and different and is Best for you to go Visit this cute place at Hello Kitty Go Around at Viva Home Expo Hall in Malaysia yourself.

Ticketing Details.
Ticket counter available from 10am to 9pm.

Lastly, there will be a wholesome Hello Kitty experience for the loyal fans to enjoy, learn and take part in activities that will engrave Hello Kitty in their heart. Most importantly, want to meet Hello Kitty on selective Special Day? Mark your calendar on Christmas Day, New Year Day, My Melody will be also dropping by for a surprise visit on 16th January 2016 to celebrate her birthday.

Hello Kitty Go Around
 Viva Expo Hall,
Viva Home Shopping Mall, 
 85 Jalan Loke Yew, KL, 55200, Malaysia.

Ticket Counter 
  10.00am – 9.00pm 
Ticket Online Purchase here.
19th Dec 2015 – 19th Jan 2016  

For more details, please visit their website and facebook page.



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