Hello My friend we have 2 more days till Christmas! How do you spend your Christmas this year? Christmas was a happy season of the year. We exchange gifts, Christmas Feast together with friends and this year it was my first time not celebrating Christmas in KL. I guess is time to change the way of celebrating Christmas this year. Change environment and change the way you think too!

Markets have organize their last Bazaar in 2015. If you have not visit the Markets during this 2015, fred not they will definitely will have it on 2016 too! What you have to do is just follow My Blog updates or Markets Facebook updates to know more about the Markets Event.

Date: 12th &13th December 2015   
Time: 11am-7pm 
Location: The Square Jaya One

The maps of all the vendors in Markets 17. Over 100 Unique Vendors were there!

To be frank this was my first time attending this Markets at Jaya One. I always saw how fun was this markets was, there are so many unique and pretty things that we could get from Markets. I am somehow a Bazaar Lover though. But due to my busy schedule I was not able to attend most of it. This time I was able to squeeze some of my times to head over to the Bazaar as well. 

I took a lots of photos while shopping around the Markets too! I was amaze with all the vendors they have come and join Markets. It was definitely the BEST Bazaar I have attend before 2015 ends!

Pictures taken from here.

We have CubeCrate Malaysia just beside Morning After. After we have some quick lunch at Morning After we start our shopping from the side area where we saw CubeCrate Malaysia Booth. Have been hearing many Good reviews about CubeCrate Malaysia where you can monthly subscribe their Box that consist of mysterious product, could be Beauty, Food and other more! If you wish to get a monthly SURPISE Box from CubeCrate Malaysia, you can head over here to subscribe with only RM25 per month.

I have definitely have some weakness point when I come to accessories. I love it so much and I could shop alot for it. The price range of the accessories you can find in Markets will be from price range of RM5-RM20 and more. But I can get some of the out season accessories from H&M, Forever 21, Lovisa too from the First Accessories Booth. I bought 2 really vintage earring for only RM10 which I find it was really worth

Any Fan of Handmade Organic Body Products from Head to Toe. You might consider to get it from Be Good. Love the packaging and their concept of Be Good to yourself! Time to relax yourself enjoy bath and foot soak from Be Good.

Lovely Christmas Reindeer to put in your house for Christmas Deco!

You can purchase watch as Gifts for your family member or your loves one!

They have Tent around because the day I went was raining on that day itself.

Love this Red Checker, perfect for Christmas and coming festive!

There are also many fashion clothing that you can shop for your Christmas and Festive Wardrobe.

Other random item that you can buy it home as present.

There are many craft corners selling goods for scrapbook. Sticker, Tapes, Planner and more!

Love this corner with many cute miniatures of Cars and Cartoons.

Love this drawing as the cover of the scrapbook. Super Christmas and Snowy feel.

Shopee is the Biggest Sponsor of all. You can see many Shopee Flag around the Markets Coner.

 Fourjei one of my Church's Friends Booth. Fourjei is the brand that she and her twin sister start and continue to spread their love and work to everyone.

There are some cute Christmas Plush Toy for Sale too! All these was really cute, I'm impressed by the work of the designer. 

You can even find some unique and cute handphone cases at Markets too!

Besides that in Markets, Honda has sponsor 5 cars for some of the selected vendors. The Car Boots design they have design was really full of surprises and creative as well. On that day we can even vote for the best boot decor too!

I find this was really special and thinking to grab one for my loves one. I always feel that item that made by handmade has more of its uniqueness and special to that someone you wish to give it as present.

Claire always the everyone favorite! Their Boots design was definitely super Christmas feel and Happiness.

Not forget we do have local perfumer Josh Lee, he has created his own perfume brand that is Josh Lee Fragrances. I got one of his Fragrance which is inspired by our local Heritage Baba & Nyonya - Nyonya by Josh Lee. Can't tell you guys how much I like the fragrances. Not to forget, Josh Lee have got an interview on the newspaper too!

More cute and vintage item you can found in the Markets 17.

They are running OOTD Contest too by #Markets17 and #MarketsOOTD.

Free Sample Food at certain Food Vendors and Time.

Presentation as well in the front registration counter.

 Organics scrubs and even Mani bombs you could get it from Smeeka by CRNailz. CRNailz even have this small booth for Manicure Session during Markets17 too!

We have more Fashion Boutique near the entrance of Jaya One. We have Kiss & Tell, Peep Boutique,  Hook Clothing, Trendy Bellaz. I didn't manage to shop for any clothes at Markets, instead I use my own limited budget to shop for some accessories and Zakka stuff.

Miri Temporary Tattoos one of my favorite boutique in Markets17. Did I say that I love temporary Tattoos also? I got few pieces of Temporary Tattoos which I just haven't use it!! But I just can't get over all these unique design Miri Temporary Tattoos have sell here. Christmas Tattoos? Just in time for Christmas.

Not forget if you have purchase anything here during Market 17, You can have everything that you bought from certain booth 20% Off! Busy helping to check out using the promo code each of the booth have.

 Here another cute booth that are with the cutest ever Doggie in Markets17. That is Awesome Pawsome, the pet foods from them are made with 100% natural animal food. You can lead your pets to a healthy lifestyle too! Yums!

Food Vendor session.

After walking around Markets, I was totally exhausted and tired of walking. Hence I decided to drop by the food vendor which are in the left front area of Jaya One entrance.

Picture taken from here.

Even got myself some Juice and Snack to noms before heading back home. 

  S Juicer Café and Juus Juice got the Best Cold Pressed Juice ever. Can't really decide on which was my favorite! I love Cold Press Juice too, since it was made from 100% natural fresh fruits and it was prepared by daily base to maintains their nutrients in the bottle. Get to try one the best seller from S Juicer Cafe, and it contains Ginger which the founder told us that Cold Press Juice and some of the fruits are in cold base which are not good for women, so he extracted tiny bit of Ginger in the juice to balance out.

I was really happy and excited to able to visit the last Markets in 2015. Hope for more to come in the future. I got myself earrings, necklaces, nail stickers, temporary tattoos from Markets 17. The haul that I got is not that much, but being able to get what I want and what I love definitely makes me happy enough. 




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  1. Was it the last market of the year or the last market for you?
    It looks likes there is a lot one can do especially shopping, I love the face that there are more xmas stalls to shop from.
    Hahaha i see you did what most women do, SHOP SHOP SHOP Hahaha

  2. i shopped alot there too! really too many good deals that i couldnt resist

  3. a very long and detail story. awesome review. merry xmas

  4. I am working nearby and did drop by this markets.
    It was well organised and i saw a lot crowd and interesting booths.

  5. I'm kinda glad that my schedule didn't allow me to go to KL for this. I would surely bust my budget with these cute stuff available.

  6. Dropped by to check this out and they had quite a lovely spread of items to choose from :) Love the car booth feature - thought that was rather creative of them as well.

  7. Wow so many things to shop and those food ooooooo Big Bang pao!

  8. I think i will totally go broke because all the things looks so good! All I want to buy! haha!

  9. wow wow i have really done deep search about this bazaar by bringing most of the photos from there. I was thinking that i there and shopping

  10. I do totally missed out on this because hubby refuse to go... hhuhuhu

  11. I was there too, omg so many things I wanted to buy. I bought a few accessories and tempted to buy the gold Christmas Reindeer, it so cool.

  12. i think it really deserves to be the best bazaar. too bad i have missed it :(

  13. I love the bazaar too! So many choices yay!


  14. this was a great art bazzar to be in...sigh...sad that I have missed this bazaar :( wish to have chance in next future. Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. Seems like an interesting bazaar.
    I saw lots of handmade product!

  16. Wow this bazaar really got a lot to shop leh. Gonna pay a visit next time, sure I can grab a lot of awesome stuffs!

  17. nice place to shop and see so many things from your pics. I wanna go there someday to shop but not sure how to go, need depend on waze.

  18. that's a lot of trinkets and fun things to buy, i bet i would have bought a lot of things

  19. I can see so many good stuff there. Must be reasonable too the price. Unfortunately unable to join. Sob

  20. so many of these cute, artsy items for sale.. lots of choices too!

  21. Happy 5th anniversary! So many stuffs to grab! Nice!

  22. Wow! So many wonderful finds! Too bad I missed this!

  23. Hello Sharon!
    Thank you so much for doing a quick shout out of Peep Boutique! :)
    Looks like you had a good time at Markets, hope to see you at the next one! Do drop by to say HI! :)

    Cheers & have an awesome week!
    Wei Ni.