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White Christmas at 1 Utama 2015

Today is Christmas, I will be celebrating Christmas in Melacca this year. Not much fun but able to be here somehow feel different also. Not to forget today is the Birth of Jesus Christ which I never forget. Although life is busy with trials and experiences in life, but in the end we will come back to the start of what is the purpose in your life. What is the purpose of celebrating Christmas? 

I am always grateful and thankful with all the good things happen around me. My family and my loves one support is never ending. Well, I didn't hope much in my life. Good Health and Good Deeds in what we do in life is all that I can wish for. Merry Christmas all. I am really grateful that God has sent his one and only son on this day of Blessing.

Happy White Christmas at 1 Utama.

The second Christmas Mall I went is at 1 Utama. This year theme was White Christmas theme which I really love as well. Christmas is not only about Red and Green Christmas but also White! The Christmas Deco is also mix with Green Oak Three and Yellowish LED Christmas Light too.


Personally love this corner co much with the see through white frame window. Which is much like the Christmas in some London street town. 

Having some really warm Christmas feeling.

Took quite some of photos in front of the window frame. Sharing the love with dearest BFF Juneci. I am happy for her that she is able to share his love and joy to the kids and activities of giving by Butterfly Malaysia that morning.

This White Glass House was definitely eye catching to not take photo with it. Bright Yellow Golden LED surround the House.

Inside there were some beautiful handmade gifts store, dessert and chocolate gifts for Christmas. 

Not forget to say they have some Greens in the midst of White Christmas deco as well.

We were able to enjoy some caroling in the center stage on that day. So much feel of Christmas by hearing Christmas carol in the midst of Christmas Deco.

There are other Christmas Gifts shop along the center court too.

Love the white Snowflake on top of all the White Glass House. The snowflakes that looks like a windmill too where I find it was really cute.

The White Christmas Deco definitely stand out in the 1 Utama Mall. With all the White and Gold Christmas Bling around the mall. I find the deco so dreamy and white Christmas definitely one my favorite too. If we could have some foam snow from Pavilion, it will be perfect. 

Another mall worth to visit during this Christmas. Feel kinda sad since I was able to visit 2 of the mall for Christmas. But it was definitely fun and enjoyable moment to have see 2 beautiful Christmas Deco in 2015. I always excited with this Christmas season where I always feel happy and excited to hear Christmas Song, Gift Exchange with friends and Christmas Feast. Although this year, didn't manage to spend time with my family and I hope that no matter where I am I wish for good health and blessing unto my family.

Merry Christmas all! May God Bless you!



  1. Yup, definitely a worth visiting mall around Klang Valley. I think Pavillion still my favourite though :)

  2. Merry Xmas to you dear ^^ I really love the white Xmas deco, so pretty ^^

    Tori Chu

  3. All i have to say is you take some awesome pictures!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks love hehe! Done dropping by to your blog =D

  5. decor in 1U looks really pretty! too bad i didnt have chance to visit it this year

  6. I love benjeman & Barton!
    They serve the very nice tea and macaroon!
    Time flies...Christmas is just over T^T

  7. The Xmas feels r so superb! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

  8. I think that Pavilion is always a step above when it comes to decorations for festivities. I wish I could visit KL malls too but I have too many commitments in Ipoh.

  9. Didn't have time to drop by 1U this year.
    But thanks to your post I get to feel the White Christmas decoration.

  10. Pretty picturee! I love Christmas because most of the mall have a great decoration and a good background to take a lot of picture

  11. Very romantic X'mas decoration in this mall. Your photography skill is nice!

  12. Nice pictures... I was there at 1utama but did not know how to take pictures...LOL... I find the glasshouses charming and the snowflake windmill quirky

  13. Oh very cute pics, great decoration
    Happy Holidays

  14. The deco looks very whitey! Love it so much!

  15. love your pic!!! you look pretty!!! I don have go 1u becoz quite far for me

  16. The Christmas at One Utama is so pretty.

  17. Merry Belated Christmas by the way! their decorations are so pretty! :D

  18. so beautiful.. and you look very pretty agains't the white and colourful christmas backdrop.

  19. Other than Pavillion, 1U also has the most beautiful Christmas deco every year~

  20. Merry Christmas to you, sis in christ! :) I also love this year's 1u christmas theme, so snowy :)

  21. ohh...I didnt get to visit 1U for the xmas deco...I like their white xmas deco, nice and thanks for sharing :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  22. Nice photo taken and I like your outfits. =D

  23. You got nice photos and I like the glass house as Christmas decor.

  24. oh my i missed the Christmas deco there this year, hope it is still up before New Year

  25. Nice place for Christmas shopping, it's one of my favorite shopping mall decoration :)


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